WebMD Joins Hands with Cancer Treatment Centers of America for Cancer Education

Cancer Treatment Centers of America works hard to end ignorance of this killer disease. Cancer education is an important part of this leading cancer organization’s services. While CTCA always provides onsite cancer education to their many grateful patients and the families that support them, these individuals still might research their medical questions online. For this reason, CTCA has given some of their latest cancer information to another trustworthy source of credible medical information. This Internet site is WebMD, and CTCA hopes that the new partnership will get more accurate cancer statistics, symptoms, treatment options, drug information and more cancer related details out to the public that uses the Internet.

Accurate cancer information can lead to less mortality rates of cancer victims. When cancer is diagnosed in its earlier stages, patients have a much better chance to recover and beat this disease. Cancer care is evolving rapidly as cancer experts discover new ways to fight the progressive disease. So many patients that have had curious symptoms just didn’t realize that these adverse symptoms might be cancer related. Cancer Treatment Centers of America doesn’t want more people to die due to not having credible details regarding cancer symptoms and other topics.

WebMD has long written timely articles on various medical topics. Even medical and nursing professionals use this site sometimes to research a medical issue. It is this longstanding record of accurate medical reporting that CTCA has decided to join hands with WebMD to get more information out to the public at large that is already actively researching their medical questions on this site. WebMD also has the ability to use common English to describe medical conditions so individuals can readily comprehend the words. When patients and their families get information at their doctor appointments, they are often embarrassed to state that they do not understand a lot of the medical terminology typically used in healthcare circles.


Having a safe and up-to-date place to read about cancer topics is exciting for many. WebMD currently has several nicely written articles straight from Cancer Treatment Centers of America experts. Both of these incredible healthcare education sources believe that teaming up together can benefit many in the public that currently don’t have other ways to get information. These two healthcare educators fervently believe that inaccurate medical information can be especially dangerous with regards to cancer. Prompter cancer treatment still remains the best chance patients have.

Cancer Care: Youtu.be/gBTbDrKrzE0?list=UUkNrj1l4JLvLX7M42fJoLGw

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