The Inspirational Leadership that Changed the Pace of the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects, also known as AIA, is a professional group or organization for architects in the United States that played a pivotal role in shaping the industry for the last 160 years. It regularly finds visionary executives to lead not only the organization but the entire architecture industry and shape it to a promising and better future. When it comes to Robert Ivy, the current Chief Executive of the organization, he brought a number of positive changes in the group since he took office in 2011. He actively voiced for considering the factors such as environmental, political, and social issues pertaining to the built environment.

Robert Ivy became a proponent of architecture around new themes and was giving greater preference to public health. He accepted the concept of well-being assured through smart architecture choices. Ivy said that even non-communicable diseases could be controlled by thoughtful designs for buildings. He also gave greater importance to technology considering it could bridge the communication gap between people and architects. Especially, apps created for connecting architects and people ensure greater collaboration between both the parties, and that gets positively reflected in the building designs. Under his leadership, the organization conducts various hackathon competitions to integrate technology into architecture.

Though Robert Ivy officially joined the leadership of AIA in 2011, he was giving direction and vision to the organization as a member of its Director Board from the early 1990s. During his years at AIA, he ensured that the organization is focusing on practice and design issues to enhance the voices and ideas of AIA for demonstrating the value of design. It was sought to improve the public understanding on architecture, its themes, and architects. Interestingly, during those years, it worked with over 300 chapters across the nation and around the globe to support the members of AIA.

Ivy is known for exceptional corporate leadership skills and greater industry exposure which is spanning over a few decades. This factor helped him to become the Chief Executive of AIA in 2011 as the organization rightly measured that his passion and expertise would enhance the Institute. Robert Ivy also communicated his pleasure on collaborating with AIA multiple times in the past. He said that it is an outstanding organization he always wanted to be part of, and it represents the top-most standard of professional ethics and design.

Before joining AIA, Ivy was part of a number of publication groups in the architecture ecosystem. He collaborated with Architectural Record as its Editor-in-Chief and McGraw-Hill Construction as its Editorial Director. Ivy grabbed G.D. Crain Award in 2009 for the lifetime achievements in creating editorial excellence. He completed his Master’s in Architecture from the reputed Tulane University before entering the world of architecture.

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