The Indefinite Media Knowledge by Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

The Grupo Televisa is not only popular but also commands a great following in viewership and audience. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is an employee of the same who in the past 12 years has known the media antics from the company far too well. Angoitia, the Grupo Televisa Vice President, stopped the worth of Portfirio Sanchez and decided to retain him with an irresistible package when he was about to accept an offer by the World Bank. This came with the Director General of Economic Analysis and Special Projects’ docket.


In quick response to the call, Portfirio Sanchez almost impromptu enacted the Marketing strategy, YOO. This project seeks new methods of commercialization. In fact, the Expansion magazine listed this project in the 30 promises in the 30 of 2014, a very successful project. Portfirio Sanches is fortunate to work with the media mogul, Rossana Fuentes Berain who is a seasoned journalist. With her support and her lobby skills she has been able to capture the eye of advertiser, marketers, and audience. In the unit of Grupo Expansion, she has been the Vice President, and therefore her editorial and negotiation skills have been of the essence in the Special Needs project.


Porfirio Sanchez may have done exemplary well to hold the office and this seconded by his former boss. Mr. Gil Diaz Ernesto Piedro of the Competitive Intelligence Unit Consultancy says he carries with him a win. Affirmatively, from his accomplishments, he surely is the man for the Grupo Televisa.


About Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

He is resourceful in strategic planning and business development. His education background tells of his versatility having taken a course with different majors yet did well in them all. Portfirio has a BS in Applied Mathematics from ITAM in 1998 and a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2011. The subsequent year he took a course in Media at the Carnegie Mellon University.


For six years he worked as the Chief of Staff at the Mexican Finance Ministry for the period ending 2006. After that, he concurrently runs the role as the Chief Economist and Chief of Staff Corporate Vice President at the Televisa. He now is the Chief Executive Officer of the Editorial Televisa.


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