The growth of Eucatex into a giant in the manufacture of construction material under Flavio Maluf’s Leadership

When the founder of Eucatex started the company in the early fifties, he must have hoped for some level of success, but Flavio Maluf would be impressed by the fact that it has now grown into a household name in Brazil. Anyone that has managed or owned a construction has at some point used products from this company. Their selling point is the fact that they incorporate environmental comfort in everything that they produce. They use eucalyptus, one of the fastest growing trees in the manufacture of products such as tiles, panels and ceilings.

The current CEO of Eucatex, Favio Maluf joined the company more than 30 years ago when he was just a mechanical engineering expert. Through the years, he has travelled through the ranks to his current position. Flavio Maluf has always believed that sustainability will be achieved when all production processes are done in a manner that conserves the environment. Flavio Maluf graduated from FAAP in Sao Paulo and did his post graduate studies in administration from NYU.

When the company was starting, it was known as Fiberboard and was just a tiny industrial unit. For the next ten years, the company grew and created branches in different parts of the country, a step that expanded their customer base on The company had crossed borders by 1965 and established an office in Argentina. This greatly improved their production capacity, and they started venturing into European markets and the other neighboring countries.

The growth process that has spanned 5 decades has seen the company set up many other processing plants. They even brought up a second manufacturing unit in Salto at As part of their strategic growth, they decided to branch out and include non-wooden products. This is how their paint and varnish manufacture business came up. They built their own paint development labs and specialized in streamlining their products into what the industry wanted.

The products they have been creating have received tons of awards and recognition. The company on also received ISO certification more than 10 years ago and has also been recognized b the Forest Stewardship Council. They celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2010 and with the pace they have set, one can only expect better from them.

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