Success, VTA Publications, and Riding the Wealth Wave with Jim Hunt

Do you have an idea that you’re passionate about? Are you ever close to taking that big leap forward but then get bombarded by people who suggest that you should play it safe? Well the best advice you could take might be to ignore them. Instead, proceed while employing positive business practices. Learn as you go. Be disciplined. Achieve great things. Go against the crowd.

There is the famous story of the 1980 United States Olympic Hockey team that employed a similar strategy. They were made up of mostly green college players and faced 10 to 1 odds against the world’s best team, Russia, in the semifinals. They had heard it all. There were not that many people they could look to for support. Most were sure they would lose. They didn’t listen to the naysayers though, and they went on to conquer Russia and then Finland for Olympic gold. You can succeed just like them.

VTA Publications Ltd. may be able to help. VTA specializes in non-fiction learning courses dealing with economics and finance. They opened in 2012 with a mission of providing cutting-edge information both digitally and physically. They have an office in Norfolk, England.

How does this sound for success? Jim Hunt, promoting his Wealth Wave method, holds that you may be able to afford a Rolls Royce with just £2,000. He compares his system to those coin dozier machines that are found in some arcades. You walk by and think about dropping your coin in, but you reconsider. The next person drops their one coin in, and it sets off a chain reaction pushing coin after coin into that person’s hands.

Jim Hunt says that we’re on the verge of such an opportunity right now. There is an economic downturn that occurs approximately every seven years. It happened in 2001. It happened in 2008. Conditions are ripe for it to happen any day now. Hunt says that there are two phone calls that an investor needs to make when it happens, and will reveal what the calls are through Wealth Wave.  Check out StreetWiseNews for more on Jim Hunt and VTA.