Securus Technologies Has Solved Multiple Prison Problems This Year

Posted a few days ago, an online report depicts the satisfaction prison officials have now that they are using products sponsored by Securus Technologies. This report discussed how prisons everywhere have been going through turmoil regarding contraband being brought into the jail. This report also detailed that most prisons find it impossible to stop this because it is so hard to catch inmates who commit this crime.


However, products sponsored by Securus Technologies has changed the normal way prisons go after inmates bringing in contraband. It is no longer just guards keeping their eyes on inmates. There is now technology to help enforce the law. A great product from Securus is their detection device. This is used when inmates leave and come back into the jail. This detection device works a lot better than the traditional metal detector. This device scans the outside and inside of all individuals. This has led to the arrest of thousands.


On the other hand, attorneys have also left positive notes on the recent online report. Attorneys have also found positive ways to use Securus Technologies products. One of these products is the phone system offered by Securus. Many jails do not monitor every phone call. Of the calls they do monitor, they only save a handful.


Securus Technologies makes it a point to monitor every phone call, and they keep a record of every phone call, too. Attorneys have been using this feature to play recorded calls in open court. This has led to many individuals being found not guilty at their trial.


Securus Technologies responded to this online report by stating they hope their services reach every prison in America. They are urging state officials who are using Securus to speak with state officials who are not using Securus and explain the benefits of the products and services.


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