Securus Advertises Honestly, According To BBB

Prison telecommunications companies have been getting a bad rap lately. This is mostly due to the unethical business dealings of a company called Global Tel-Link. This telecommunications company secures government contracts to be the sole provider of telephone services to a particular prison through a bidding process. A part of their bidding process includes a commission, otherwise known as a kickback gleaned from the telecommunications profit given back to the prison itself. This forces Global Tel-Link to raise prices on the prison population and their families. The most vulnerable population in the United States becomes abused in the name of profit.

I would like to focus on a prison telecommunications company that is doing good. Securus Technologies recently achieved the prestigious Better Business Bureau’s accreditation. The telecommunications company went out of its way to score this sought after award. They subjected themselves to an eight-point inspection concerning ethics, honesty and transparency. They also paid the BBB for this inspection. That is one serious commitment to ethical business dealings, trust building and authenticity.

The second point in the eight-point inspection concerns honesty in advertising. A lesser company, like Global Tel-Link, would conduct business among the prison population incredibly dishonestly. Global Tel-Link is often criticized for an entire menu of hidden fees. The company’s per minute telephone call rate is already astronomically high. But to take further advantage of the situation, the company also charges fees to initiate an account or phone call, put money into an account or to close an account. All of these fees can cost a family over $300 per week.

Securus carries an upfront pricing structure. The BBB accredited business also provides a superior product. The telephone call quality is much better than its competition, and the company also provides services such as video chat. Securus — advertising honestly even when they don’t have to.


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