School Is Brought To Parents

Gone are the days when parent have to show up, in person, for a parent-teacher conference. With today’s technology it’s not necessary. Introducing ClassDojo, a revolutionary, free app that empowers teachers, students, and parents alike. ClassDojo updates parents on their children’s progress. Its aim is to function like snapchat.

Teachers using ClassDojo can take a picture of their class lesson plan for the day and send it to parents, so parents feel involved. A parent can see inside their child’s class, via video, in real time. Parents can enjoy watching their children grow up and learn at school. Teachers don’t have to rely on memory to recall an event. Through ClassDojo, they have physical proof to aid their comments.

Many teachers in grade 8 down to kindergarten are using this communication platform. In fact, 2 of 3 schools are using ClassDojo. Natalia, a 4th grade teacher says, “ClassDojo has been incredible for my school, our students, and our parents”. According to ClassDojo, 85,000 private and public schools are using their app in America alone. ClassDojo adds to any classroom community. It is used worldwide in 180 plus countries.

ClassDojo was co-founded, in 2011, by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. This San Francisco based company came up with 21 million dollars for ClassDojo to become an app. General Catalyst Managing Director Hermant Taneja explains ClassDojo origin: “In the early days, ClassDojo was a tool to help teach good behavioral traits. But now it is being used for parent, teacher, and student collaboration.”

The company wants participants to feel their privacy is protected. Chaudhary and Don say, “We’ve committed to never selling or renting your data to anyone, including to advertisers.” After 12 months, if ClassDojo is no longer being used, by parents and students, information is deleted. Tessa, a parent in California, says, “I know I’m always in control of my child’s information with ClassDojo.”

Looking into the future, the company says that paying for things like yearbooks, school field trips, lunches, or supplies may be available through ClassDojo. On ClassDojo’s webpage they advertise: “[it] helps students build skills and culture” and “students love it and it saves teachers time”.

ClassDojo has partnered with Stanford researchers to develop a series of videos teachers can use to improve students’ intelligence and abilities. The company also has ambitious plans to have parents use the school’s curriculum material at home furthering their child’s education.


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