Rocketship Education: An Exemplary Embodiment of Education

Founded by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006, The non-profit chartered schools based in Redwood City, California continues to pinpoint their teachings based on the growth and achievements of the disadvantaged students. Rocketship education utilizes the amalgamation of learning by using class room teaching ergo small groups and online learning. Rocketship Education furthermore hugely focuses on passing education to students from low-income families consequently eliminating the rapidly expanding Achievement gap. the smooth running of Rocketship Education only proves that the collaborative model of education serves as a no brainer for the new generation students.

Academic assessments made it clear that Rocketship Education has been significantly helpful in disadvantaged areas nourishing academic growth by putting up shops aiding scholars from the area. The frequency that Rocketship Education is using trying to close the achievement gap is quite noticeable compared to others, Moreover, due to their intense focus into the development of the student, Rocketship Education provides very detailed information on a student growth at a said year. This significantly helps all parties, the student, teachers and parents, as the progress, development and achievements are noted duly. With that, Rocketship Education has NWEA an exact tool that helps in the issuing of the detailed information of the said rocketeer. See more in this article.

Educators championing Rocketship Education work strongly in the belief that cultivation and identification of dreams vastly aid the rocketeer in claiming theirs inbuilt true potential to be able to reach for their goals, and way beyond stereotypes. In addition to the system allows the students to focus on his or her talent significantly at the same time creating enough time for the building and development of his or her career. This approach adamantly helps the rocketeer to have an assemblage of choices and when he or she is running his or her career.

As the school system growth, its inevitable that the Rocketeer is growing as Rocketship Education brings and offers up to date education with outmost and total participation of the student plus supporting, nursing and aiding the rocketeer’s views and ideas giving the students sense of belonging.

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