Raising the Housing Rate of Baltimore is Seawright’s Mission for RPS

Recently, Kevin Seawright was a guest on the Larry Young Morning Show. He was invited to talk about his latest project called RPS Solutions LLC, which he founded in 2015. Seawright is leading this joint partnership and is excited about the possibilities and opportunities for those in Baltimore who want to purchase their own home. RPS Solutions renovates and builds affordable housing in this area, and most of his clients are first-time home buyers.

Kevin Seawright has previously had a career with the City of Baltimore, and the majority of his work was associated with the Housing Department. This project falls right into place as Seawright is familiar with the housing issues and needs of Baltimore’s citizens, and he is passionate about assisting those who want to own a home. Home ownership is significant, Seawright believes, in bringing stability to a community, which allows the residents to develop responsibility and confidence in their neighborhood.

Seawright has also been involved other professional project management positions throughout his professional career. Working with the local governments and the citizens involved, he has established a working relationship associated through social work. His career has been mostly filled using education to enhance real estate ventures throughout Washington DC, Maryland and New Jersey. In New Jersey, he served as vice-president and CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation or NCEDC, which was a group that served the downtown Newark population.

Dealing with a large number of first-time buyers allows people to be established in their community, and create stability that will improve Baltimore as a whole. Seawright is dedicated to helping people move up in life and attain something they are proud to own.

The mission of RPS, as Seawright told Larry Young, is to increase the current Baltimore homeowner rate to extend way beyond the present rate of 48.3 percent where the housing rate presently is, and it will surely happen with Kevin Seawright as the leader.

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