Highland Capital Management Donation to Family Place

James Dondero is the co-founder and the chairman of Highland Capital Management, L.P. He became a household name after hitting the headlines following his announcement of the company’s initiative to award $1million challenge grant towards the Family Place. Family Place is the leading organization in supporting victims of domestic violence. The company has been aiming to raise $2.8 million in its legal campaign that was scheduled to run for six months.

Highland capital management gave the donation through its philanthropic arm Highland Dallas Foundation. The grant matched 50% of funds that was raised throughout the campaign in April. Highland capital management became very instrumental in ensuring the family place was able to collect $2.8 million which was required to hit the company’s target of raising $16.5 million. The Family Place was able to finish the campaign strongly.

The need to Solve Community Problems

James Dondero said that the grant was answering the call by the Dallas Mayor and the Dallas Police Chief to help address life-threatening issues that were common in the area. He also went ahead to say that the company was pleased with the way Family place took the call and realized it in just a span of a year. The campaign by the Family place was to raise funds to construct the new Dallas Counseling Center for victims of domestic violence. The facility would serve more than 2000 people annually. This would help reduce the impact of family violence.

The man behind Highland Capital Management

James Dondero, the man behind this grant, has a successful career in credit and market equities. Since its inception, Dondero has pioneered Highland Capital Management in developing Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market. He also engineered the development of credit oriented solutions to institutional and retail investors.James Dondero served as the chief investment officer to GIC before he founded Highland capital management. He also served as a bond analyst and a portfolio manager at American Express and as an inquisitor in 1984 in the Morgan Guaranty training program. Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virginia with highest honors, with dual majors in accounting and finance. James is also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and he has the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Rick Smith Moves to Make Big Changes for Securus

Since the company first began, Rick Smith Securus has been growing and adding opportunities for all of the areas of their business. As a prison communication company that is always working to strive for the best, Securus knows the right way to make sure that they are giving the prisons and prisoners the best chance possible. It is something that has allowed them the chance to make things better for them and has given Securus the time to truly grow their business for the prisoners who are a part of the systems where they are at.

Learn more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies

Rick Smith has brought the company up from just a small startup since he has had control over it and this has helped him to make sure that he is doing everything that he can for the company so that they will be able to succeed. There are many new options that he has brought to the company and that has allowed Securus to grow much more than what they had in the past. His new innovations have included things like kiosks in prisons, email for prisoners and, now, a sales force that was created to help sell the idea of each of these things in the prison.

The kiosks that Securus first put into the prisons were extremely innovative. It was one of the first times that prisons were given access to technology that was included with the kiosks. Rick Smith made sure that they were secure and that the people who were there were able to use them. Both prisoners and prisons were able to benefit from the kiosks so that they could streamline the options that they had. There were many new ways that prisoners could communicate using the kiosks that Securus added to the prisons.

Rick Smith recognized that there was a need for different types of innovation within the prison system. He knew that it was necessary for prisoners to keep in contact with their families to reduce recidivism. For this reason, he came up with the idea of email communication for the prisoners. The idea of email is more secure and easier for prison officials to monitor. It is also something that is a lower cost than what the traditional call options are. Rick Smith now offers the option of prisoner email systems to every prison that he works with through Securus.

Now that the company is so large, Rick Smith recently incorporated the idea of a professional sales team. He uses the team in the field to make sure that they are helping the prisons out that need it. He also does what he can to have them show the prisons how they can benefit from both the kiosks and the email systems. Read more articles at Fox34.com.

End Citizens United Creates a Poll to Analyze the Involvement of Russia and the American Opinion

A few years ago, in the year of 2010, there was a federal election commission where the landmark named “Citizens United” was approved. It changed the American elections in a way that, now, all the future candidacies would be able to have candidates directly supporting their favorite candidates and their campaigns with massive proportions of money without any limit or pushback.



This new landmark has put an end to the transparency and honesty of the American elections, and now it is rather a game of interests than real people trying to fight for a better country and lead the Americans to the path that they think is the right one.



End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee, or “PAC,” that aims to put a stop to this mess that has become the American elections.



Since the inauguration of the PAC, the group has made tons of progress and has conquered the confidence and support of thousands of donors and Americans wanting the landmark to be changed, reformed or simply closed completely.



The End Citizens United committee has been able to support the elections of many Democrats running candidacies in the United States, in a way that they try to prove a point by showing the problem at first hand: By funding their pro-reform Democrats and their campaigns with massive chunks of money from grassroot donors, they raise awareness of the problem of allowing committees, investors, and billionaires but their dirty money in the American elections and corrupt the whole system.



The End Citizens United has proven countless times their intentions into making the American elections as transparent and realistic as possible. For example, in May 2017, the PAC has raised a poll asking Americans if they would want a research to be conducted studying and analyzing the involvement of Russia in the 2016 Elections and the candidacy of Trump deeply. There are many conspiracies about the involvement of Russia in the elections of that year, and one of the issues that have caused the lack of evidence about the participation of that nation is the landmark Citizens United that has made the political events very hard to keep track.



The poll has resulted in 61% of American citizens wanting an independent investigation to be conducted. The primary cause of this margin is the fact that President Trump has fired the team responsible for the investigation, FBI Director James Comey, which has made many Americans start second-guessing the intentions of their new President and what he has to hide.



52% of Americans believe there was involvement from the Russian politicians.



The poll also indicates a significant disapproval of how the Presidency of Donald Trump is handling the country. The majority of Americans are very discontent with their President, and many of the members of the PAC are wondering if part of the reason why Trump got elected in the first place was the dirty hands of investors and magnates in promoting the election of Donald Trump in the 2016 elections.

Making The World A Great Place With Travel

Traveling the world is a dream for most people. Many seek the opportunity to visit beautiful areas and bask in the glory of that environment. Many, also, enjoy just relaxing and getting away from the stress of daily life. There are many great travel destinations all around the world that is a jewel for many people. These places give visitors the feeling that they are a part of a magical wonderland. In addition to having the opportunity to visit a great destination, many people desire to travel to a place that is eco-friendly. There is a market for tourists that want to travel to places that are on a conservation list. This activity is sometimes known as ecotourism. Going to a destination that is eco-friendly involves traveling to a destination that is undisturbed, fragile and pristine. It involves going to a place that is natural and with a small footprint. People who visit these places have to aware of the people that live in the area. They have to enjoy the habitat that they are in without interfering with its people. Tourists who visit travel destinations like that are eco-friendly have to acknowledge and celebrate the culture of the environment and the residents.


Many people that want to travel to a great travel destination, have a desire to make the world a better place. There is one company that is striving to do just that, Wild Ark is a conservation organization that is working towards protecting environments and the people and animals that live in those places. Wild Ark has a mission to experiences that teach tourists and gives them opportunities to reconnect with nature.


Wild Ark founders Mark and Sophie Hutchinson want to be an active participant of the conservation of the endangered areas in the world. While working towards to conservation efforts all around the world, they also have a desire to bring travelers along for the journey.


For more information, please visit http://wildark.com/.


Who is Whitney Wolfe Exactly?

Whitney Wolfe is by far one of the most inspiring women of our time because of her goals to help improve the way society views women in the world of dating. There are countless apps that really miss the mark with dating apps, but Bumble, Whitney Wolfe’s original creation and idea, definitely hits the home on feminism and providing women with a safe haven. In a world where it’s incredibly tough and stressful to deal with so many different men, Bumble gives women the safe place that they need for themselves to avoid feeling like men are prowling after them. It is only when a woman sends a man a message is he once again allowed to start talking to her. Men are clearly not allowed to send random weird messages as the first thing in the chat.

Whitney Bumble knows first hand dealing with a guy who just didn’t work out right for her, and not to mention being sexually harassed at her first big app developed startup, Tinder. The overnight dating app sensation took over the dating app world in an instant, and Whitney Wolfe had played a huge role on capturing the beauty of what Tinder is known for today. She was treated unfairly by that company and decided to move forward and sue them while also do her work for women and young girls everywhere.

Today, Whitney Wolfe is a successful app developer using Bumble as her platform to teach women what they are capable of and how much they truly deserve. Whitney Wolfe is an inspiring woman that proves her small efforts are definitely paying off. This is the way to make a change and do things differently. Join in the movement and actually find love using Bumble because it’s such a great app for finding someone amazing.

Jason Hope Drives The Future

Jason Hope was the subject of a recent Engadget article. A philanthropist and futurist, Hope is a leader that sees promise in technology and science.

Writing for Engadget, Jesse Boskoff detailed some of the thoughts of Hope on the controversial Internet of Things. Hope believes in the promise of the Internet of Things, seeing potential for social betterment in persistent, ubiquitous connectivity. This foresight is what makes Jason Hope the sort of leader that will push society forward into new territory.

Hope works as a consultant and entrepreneur. He boasts a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in business administration from Arizona State University. Hope is an Arizona native that operates out of the Tempe area. His education and business acumen makes him an invaluable aide to businesses looking to modernize or remain modern in an increasingly digital world.

In addition to his career in business Hope lends his talents and resources in the form of philanthropy. He has pledged over $500,000 to the SENS Foundation to help combat age-related illness and continues to offer grants to individuals and groups that present new and unique ideas about business and technology. Hope’s charitable contributions set him apart from his peers as a man whose kindness and sagacity benefit us all.

DAMAC Properties Can Thank Hussain Sajwani for Its Success

DAMAC Properties can thank its amazing success to one man. This individual, who founded the company and leads as its CEO, is the one and only Hussain Sajwani Family. When he was just a boy, he worked with his father at his father’s small business, and it was there that he begin to learn about the kind of hard work and determination it takes to succeed in business and life.

He also found something special inside of himself; an entrepreneurial spirit that he knew he had to foster. It was this realization that led him to decide not to stay on with the family business but to instead strike out on his own.

Hussain Sajwani started out by attending the University of Washington and earned his Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics while there. After his education, he worked as a Contracts Manager for GASCO for a very short while and then moved on to found his first business. Read more: The Rise and Rise of Damac

The catering venture was an instant hit, and he fostered and nurtured that business so that it now is a worldwide leader in its industry. The catering company serves 150,000 meals a day to people in CIS, Africa, and the Middle East. Along with this catering venture, he also made specific investments over the years.

These investments paid off huge, and because of his keen investing skills, he decided to open up his own investing company. DICO Investments Co LLC. focuses mainly on mergers, acquisitions, and private equities and holds many minority and majority holdings in numerous publicly traded companies.

Hussain Sajwani now leads DAMAC Properties into the future by revolutionizing the way that it does business. When he first founded the company, he immediately made millions by buying up real estate in an undeveloped part of Dubai and then capitalizing on it by selling a 38-story residential building, of his design, before it had even been built.

The move was hailed as genius, and since then he has worked with the likes of Versace, Bugatti, Fendi, Tiger Woods, and even Donald Trump who manages the golf courses that are offered exclusively to DAMAC golf course community residents.

Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: http://www.forbes.com/profile/hussain-sajwani

Securus Technologies Has Solved Multiple Prison Problems This Year

Posted a few days ago, an online report depicts the satisfaction prison officials have now that they are using products sponsored by Securus Technologies. This report discussed how prisons everywhere have been going through turmoil regarding contraband being brought into the jail. This report also detailed that most prisons find it impossible to stop this because it is so hard to catch inmates who commit this crime.


However, products sponsored by Securus Technologies has changed the normal way prisons go after inmates bringing in contraband. It is no longer just guards keeping their eyes on inmates. There is now technology to help enforce the law. A great product from Securus is their detection device. This is used when inmates leave and come back into the jail. This detection device works a lot better than the traditional metal detector. This device scans the outside and inside of all individuals. This has led to the arrest of thousands.


On the other hand, attorneys have also left positive notes on the recent online report. Attorneys have also found positive ways to use Securus Technologies products. One of these products is the phone system offered by Securus. Many jails do not monitor every phone call. Of the calls they do monitor, they only save a handful.


Securus Technologies makes it a point to monitor every phone call, and they keep a record of every phone call, too. Attorneys have been using this feature to play recorded calls in open court. This has led to many individuals being found not guilty at their trial.


Securus Technologies responded to this online report by stating they hope their services reach every prison in America. They are urging state officials who are using Securus to speak with state officials who are not using Securus and explain the benefits of the products and services.


All you need to know about Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a financial and administrative operations expert at Newark Economic Development Corporation. He has built his career by being a successful economic strategist.Kevin made his reputation by introducing new company strategies successfully in New Jersey. Through this, he has been able to win his current position as a vice president.

Throughout his career,he has come up with business strategies that have delivered results consistently. He has achieved this by aligning his strategies with the current economic and organization goals and technological initiatives.He has changed the corporate revenue processes that have ended up working for the board, general contractors, and sub-contractors all over the mid-Atlantic.

Kevin’s career is full of accomplishment. They include

Revenue enhancements, which have helped in the forecasting of annual increase by 25% of services and goods offered.Kevin made social capital divisions stable, improved staff retention, enhanced recruitments efforts, collective bargaining, and made management easy. These processes have improved service delivery, improved standardization, and improved company’s performances.

The accomplishment that appeals the mosT

Kevin Seawright has been responsible for over $400M city, federal, private, capital bonds funds for 12years. This is in human resource, executive level finance and capital operational management.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has also been responsible for over 600M in capital construction facilities projects. He has also served in many positions that have been a success.

One of his strengths is that he has a great leader with a reputation of establishing a good rapport with his staff, client’s constituents, managers and other leaders.

Below are some of the fundamentals that have propelled Kevin to success.

  • Remaining a great team player and understanding the strategic planning and goals and managing a great team.
  • Enhancing Proficiency with IT and other related tools to improve reporting capabilities.
  • Promoting reliability, efficiency, operations, accounting, and such similar things.
  • Developing long term strategic plans.

.Approaching issues with honesty and maturity.

  • Maintaining positive relationships with state, city, and other associations


Kevin has received many awards for financial responsiveness while working for municipalities for excellent services, thinking outside the box in hard times and professionalism.

Social media

You can find Kevin Seawright on different social media platforms. He is on Twitter as @KevinSeawright2 where he shares his LinkedIn posts and other relevant posts. He displays the same posts on Facebook.

Learn more about Kevin Seawright: http://www.vizualize.me/kevinseawright

Igor Cornelsen Challenges Investors to Consider Brazil

Igor Cornelsen has taken interest in helping people build their portfolios. He has been in the investment world for many years, and he has a wealth of experience that can help anyone that is working towards retirement.

Many people that are trying to invest will keep their eyes locked on stocks, but this cannot be their only source of retirement income reported on lulu.com. People that are looking for the return on investment stocks in stocks only will find himself disappointed at times when the stock market crashes. What Igor Cornelsen has done is put in place is a number of investment tips that allow people to diversify. This is something that an inexperienced investor may not consider, but Igor has been around long enough to analyze the market on Tripod.com.

He knows the American market and is familiar with Brazilian markets as well. He believes that one should be an international investor that checks American and Latin American markets on LinkedIn. He knows that the return on investment is better sometimes overseas than it can be in the United States. That is why he puts a lot of time into telling people about what they can expect when they invest in Brazil. He knows this market well because he has worked in this area for decades. He is ready to help anyone that is ready to help themselves. He believes that a certain amount of money should be placed into stuff, but it should be spread out. No one should put all of their money into one thing because things can always change with popular demand.

Igor Cornelsen is well aware that in Brazil has an export industry that is booming. This is why he urges investors to see the common link between Brazil and Japan. This is where many of the Brazilian exports go. When Japan is not investing in the exports there could be problems so he wants investors to be mindful of this.

There are a lot of opportunities to invest at http://igorcornelsen.tumblr.com/, but many people do not know all the options that are available. It takes someone like Cornelsen that has the experience to advise.