Malcolm CasSelle and WAX

OPSkins is an international leader when it comes to in-game virtual assets sales. Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins. In addition to this, Malcolm is a well-known merchant in the world in bitcoin business. With a following of users from across the world who are often making cross-border micro-payments, the company becomes the best candidate when it comes to market size as well as user demand for a devolved protocol. Even though OPSkins is the leader in the virtual assets’ centralized marketplace, there are challenges to the technological capacity of any integrated technology, and this makes virtual assets’ decentralized marketplace to be the next natural step in the process.

The founders of OPSkin are introducing a new virtual asset trading blockchain platform called WAX (World Asset eXchange). The platform which is a P2P marketplace for people to trade virtual assets is built on a foundation of decentralized smart contracts and blockchain which will enable sellers and buyers of trade efficiently the virtual holdings with each other.

WAX can solve two major problems related to virtual asset markets, fraud, and fragmentation. WAX does with by using a simple widget that is enabled by blockchain that allows users to instantly sell and buy virtual products without login out of the game. Within the present trading ecosystem of virtual assets, there is a hodgepodge of regional and local marketplaces that are confined at the onset because of the security concerns and the language used to process the payment that seems to restrict some users to their regions or countries. The only solution to this challenge is blockchain and Wax will allow sellers and buyers to tokenize effectively and trade their assets in a fraud-free environment that is supported by the blockchain.

The platform of WAX allows users to have their gaming assets tokenized as well as instantly sell and buy from others without switching off the screen. The widget of WAX enables all users to purchase assets immediately from one another without problems. In addition to this, WaX can handle the problem of geographical fragmentation. The WAX token is a regular currency for everybody gaming, and it eliminates forex issues that presently affect the markets of virtual assets.

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