Imran Haque Cares About His Patients

Doctors will often have hobbies outside of the world of medicine that they like to take on, and Imran Haque is no exception to that. This doctor is someone who likes to live life in his free time, and he does that by participating in a variety of sports. When asked what he likes to do for fun, He shared that he is a fan of all kinds of sports and that he enjoys participating in fantasy leagues. He believes that sports are something that bring people together, and he likes them because of that. In addition to enjoying sports, Imran Haque also is someone who enjoys setting off on trips and spending time traveling.

There is advice that can be passed on from one doctor to another, and Imran Haque is someone who has advice to share for those younger doctors who are looking to make it. When he was given the chance to give out advice in an interview that was completed with him, he shared that he thinks that younger people should view their patients as people. He shared that it is easy to get caught up in looking at the illnesses that a person is facing and figuring out how best to deal with those, and that sometimes a doctor will forget that he is treating an actual person.

Imran Haque is someone who is working for Horizon Internal Medicine. He is the kind of doctor who has the experience that he needs to take on the issues of all kinds of patients and to handle those issues well. He is someone who is committed to being kind and compassionate as he deals with each of the patients who come his way, and that helps him to be a doctor who is worthy of respect. Imran Haque is someone who truly cares about each person who comes to see him and more

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