FreedomPop’s Utilization of VC Funding to Expand its Operations in Local and Global Regions

Freedom Pop was founded in 2011 on the basis that mobile services are a right and not a privilege and therefore they ought to be free of charge. Consequently, FreedomPop continues to make great endeavors to render free of charge mobile services, which include voice minutes, mobile data, and text messages to many users across Europe and the United States.

On March 9, 2016, the Carrier Wrap segment held by RCR Wireless News, featured Stephen Stokols, the Co-founder and CEO of FreedomPop. The interview with Stephen Stokols was aimed to get more information regarding FreedomPop’s latest expansion and operations.

Other News

Verizon Wireless

Among the high-ranking Carrier Wrap news included a segment on FCC, which charged Verizon Wireless with a fine amounting to $1.4 million in the course of that week. Primarily, this was because Verizon Wireless had inserted certain cookies into the web traffic of FCC’s clients without its authorization. Consequently, Verizon Wireless gained the advantage of delivering targeted advertisements from itself as well as other parties.

Last year after a federal investigation into the matter, Verizon Wireless went forward to proclaim that it would allow clients to disengage the advertisement initiative.


In other news, T-Mobile US was reported to have reaped an addition $2billion in funding prior its scheduled participation in an approaching 600MHZ inducement auction, which would take place later in March.


Further, the RootMetrics was reported to have unveiled a comparison targeting the market-by-market performance of cellular network. In the comparison, Atlanta was top of the list with Chicago and Indiana polis next in line.

The Interview with Stephen Stokols

During the Interview, it came out clear that FreedomPop, which operates locally via Sprint’s cellular service has been receiving VC funding in terms of millions of dollars .The funds have been utilized to achieve both global and domestic expansion strategies. In addition, Stokols also talked of FreedomPop’s plans and business model.

The original information was reported on RCRWireless

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