FreedomPop Expansion Is Taking Cellphone Company To New Level

To call FreedomPop just another cell phone company would be a bad idea. FreedomPop is more than just another, run of the mill cell phone company. In fact, they make most of their money by giving cell phone services away. FreedomPop makes most of their money from add on services like more data and other things like international numbers and more. This company is ready for some serious expansion too. The cat was left out of the bag during the CEO’s recent interview with RCR Wireless. We will include a link to the interview at the end for your review.

Stephen Stokols is the CEO and co-founder of FreedomPop and he talks about the VC funding that is being used to expand his company not just domestically but also internationally. Stokols also talks about how his company is able to just give away a small truckload of expensive data, talk and texting time at no cost to the user and how this plan puts his company FreedomPop light years ahead of the competition.

Last year there were rumors that FreedomPop was going to suffer an acquisition and those rumors are cleared up in this interview too. Stokols provides valuable insight into the company’s marketing plan and it’s business model. Many people do not understand how a business can make money by giving away free service like FreedomPop does.

Stephen Stokols tells us how someone who has family in Mexico might pay for a local Mexican phone number and have it forwarded to their phone in the United States. Because this is a phone number local to Mexico, every time someone in Mexico calls it, or it is called from the United States or anywhere in the world, it is a local call. People will pay top dollar for a number like that because it saves everyone concerned money. That is just one benefit, the second and most major benefit is that the user can call Mexico and talk to their family for a very low rate.

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