Doe Deere’s Gut Instinct Led Her to Create a Highly Successful Makeup Company

Even though Lime Crime’s founder Doe Deere was born in Russia, she came to the United States at the age of 17, where she resided in New York City. Living in one of the fashion capitals of the world, Ms. Deere was exposed to the typical makeup looks most beauty companies encouraged women to achieve. As someone who has always loved experimenting with color, Doe Deere became a woman with an objective to change the way women looked and felt about their makeup. The inspiration for her now famous line of cosmetics actually came from a line of fashions Ms. Deere had begun sewing to launch under the Lime Crime label.

As Ms. Deere began using unusual color combinations in the makeup she wore to showcase her fashions, she discovered the majority of beauty companies did not carry shades that were bold and bright. Recognizing a need for a new market she decided to launch a new brand of makeup under the Lime Crime name rather than her line of fashions. Even after years of success, Ms. Deere still tries out every new idea personally. Just as when she created her own makeup looks to model her own fashions, she believes she is the best judge of what concepts best fit with the image of her company and her customers.

Running a Successful Business

Doe Deere takes a positive approach to running her business. This can be seen in the way she treats all of the people she interacts within a typical business day. She firmly believes in showing people respect in order to bring about positive results. She not only extends this courtesy to her employees and managing staff members, but to her vendors and customers as well. She also stays focused on what her customer wants in regards to the products offered by her company. She is extremely proud of the customer service her company has in place to assist people with their questions and concerns. She only regrets not having this support in place when the company first launched.

The positive attitude Doe Deere brings with her to work extends into other areas of her life. As a successful female entrepreneur she is often asked to provide advice to women looking to start their own successful companies. Since she places a lot of emphasis on going with her own gut feeling, she encourages others to listen to their own inner voices to follow what they feel passionate about.

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