Competition and Lies

The world is a dark and potentially dangerous place, with business being at the forefront of life and death. While this may sound a little extreme it holds a great deal of truth, especially when it comes to the life cycle of a company within the American economy. Securus Technologies, a giant within the information technology sector, has recently been placed under fire by a competing business, GTL. GTL claims that Securus Technologies has recently lost ownership of the majority of its product patents, making it impossible for them to retain control over what happens to these items and allowing the products to float freely in the business market world for anyone to grab as they see fit. View the company profile on


This information is damning for Securus, and they took it very seriously. So serious in fact that Securus Technologies, alongside a variety of different third party sources, researched the issue and came to an all encompassing conclusion that the accusations were baseless and untrue. This would mean that Securus has no worries when it comes to whether or not their products will be lost to them and they can therefore continue business as usual.


The world can be an interesting place, with new obstacles and difficult situations being presented on a daily basis. It is important to always take into consideration the idea that maybe not everything you hear or read is realistic. This fact led Securus Technologies to dig deep into accusations against it, and come out on top as a result. Businesses can therefore be compared to how we as people operate; constantly judging and accusing others without much thought. We need to set our differences aside and present all portions of a story together to make a final conclusion. Securus wins for their efforts and will continue to.


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