Charles Koch support of Hillary Clinton is Purely on Policies

Before Donald Trump got the Republican nomination, Charles Koch told a reporter that he would likely support Hillary Clinton. The conservatives must have made Koch wretched to force him to change his position. Later on, the Koch Industries, Inc., confirmed that Hillary was being funded directly by the CEO. Hillary Clinton has also said that she is getting funds from them.

Most of the wealthy liberal donors that are supporting Hillary to fight against Trump are trying to protect what they have achieved during the Obama years. Trump may have redefined the Republican party but apparently that will not be enough to earn him the support of Charles Koch.

Charles Koch is an American businessman, philanthropist, and political donor. He is the owner of Koch Industries. He co-owns it with his brother, he is the chairman of the board and the CEO. The brothers took over the company from their father Fred C. Koch and then later expanded the business.

Koch also supports a number of free market-oriented education groups. He is a contributor to the Republican Party, candidates, and libertarian groups. They have also funded artistic projects through Koch Cultural; that was founded by his wife, Elizabeth. He is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in general engineering in 1957; he also has a Master of Science in mechanical engineering and another M.S in chemical engineering. In 2004, he was approximately estimated to be worth 41 billion dollars by Forbes.

Mr. Trump has done politics in a different way from others and has not talked about politics explicitly in point and purpose. Charles Koch in now 80 years and it is clear that he has been in politics for many years. He is from the conservative movement, but many Democrats have always seen him as Republican. The divisive politics of the Republican party and lack of clear policies that resonate with Koch could have made him back Hillary. Koch support for Hillary clearly is not mostly because of her personality.

Charles Koch in the past helped start the Cato Institute. He and other donors like him wanted politics that was based on ideas. In the recent years, they have been producing Republican Governors in Democrat states. They have even produced governors outside the party who are business people just like Donald Trump. Their ideas are of successful conservatism whether presidential or Gubernatorial.

Whether the decision by Charles Koch to back Hillary Clinton candidacy will dent Trump Hopes of being the next president is yet known.