Compliance Officers are Very Important for Changes in the Workplace and Business

The business world, workplace, and the corporate world is something that needs to be looked at on a regular basis. There is often a lot of unethical occurrences in this area. Among the issues that occur in the corporate world are fraud and other problem in the corporate world. Fortunately, there are compliance officers that could deal with this issue. For one thing, the industry of compliance officers is quickly growing. In fact, within 20 years, the amount of compliance officers at work have jumped from single digit numbers to thousands upon thousands of officers that are around to keep businesses in check.

Among the compliance officers that are working hard to keep businesses ethical and fair is Helanie Morrison. She is very experienced and passionate about making sure that the corporate world is operating in an ethical manner. She has worked in different law firms. Helane has also worked under and learned the most from Harry Blackmun who has taught her a lot about the world of compliance officers. Blackmun himself has dealt with death threats and other forms of harassment from people throughout his career. He has taught Helane that it takes a thick skin to be able to manage the world of a compliance officer. Helane has taken everything she has learned from him and applied it to her career. She has made a lot of progress as a result.

Helane Morrison has taken the time to investigate companies that were held under the suspicion of unethical methods of business. While she is passionate, she is also very educated. She has received a B.S. in Journalism and a J.D. in School of Law. She has served as the Editor-In-Chief of California Law Review. She also speaks on investments and private funds when it comes to legal issues.