Securus Technologies – The Leading Provider of Technology Solutions to Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of communication services, government information management, and parolee tracking to correctional facilities. It is currently serving over 2600 correctional facilities in more than 45 states in America. The company was founded in 1986 and has more than 30 years in offering services to correctional facilities. Securus Technologies has also extended its services to Mexico, Canada, and Columbia. Its main office is in Dallas, Texas. It also has satellite offices in Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton. It is known for comprehensive and innovative technical solutions.

The solutions that are provided by Securus are simple, powerful, and secure. Also, several corrections, law enforcement, and public safety agencies depend on Securus Technologies because its products and services are easy to use and accessible as well. With talented engineers, designers, technologist, innovative thinkers, and the technology that is offered by Securus, the company is second to none. It is committed to connecting inmates with their friends and family members. Apart from inmate self-service and communication services, Securus Technologies is also providing services relating to public information, investigation, information management, and verification.

According to customer comments, Securus Technologies is consistently innovative with its services. It is always at the forefront of the telecommunication industry. The investigative tools that are provided by Securus have made the operation in correctional facilities more efficient than before. The comments also show that customers are extremely pleased with the customer service and reliability, which are provided by Securus and its representatives.

Customers from the correctional industry consider Securus as a class organization that has the desire of providing the best products. Today, correctional facilities can track and monitor the communication activities of inmates. This has allowed correctional centers to remain safe. Clients are also learning more about recent technologies in the communication industry, which has improved their service delivery.


Rick Smith Moves to Make Big Changes for Securus

Since the company first began, Rick Smith Securus has been growing and adding opportunities for all of the areas of their business. As a prison communication company that is always working to strive for the best, Securus knows the right way to make sure that they are giving the prisons and prisoners the best chance possible. It is something that has allowed them the chance to make things better for them and has given Securus the time to truly grow their business for the prisoners who are a part of the systems where they are at.

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Rick Smith has brought the company up from just a small startup since he has had control over it and this has helped him to make sure that he is doing everything that he can for the company so that they will be able to succeed. There are many new options that he has brought to the company and that has allowed Securus to grow much more than what they had in the past. His new innovations have included things like kiosks in prisons, email for prisoners and, now, a sales force that was created to help sell the idea of each of these things in the prison.

The kiosks that Securus first put into the prisons were extremely innovative. It was one of the first times that prisons were given access to technology that was included with the kiosks. Rick Smith made sure that they were secure and that the people who were there were able to use them. Both prisoners and prisons were able to benefit from the kiosks so that they could streamline the options that they had. There were many new ways that prisoners could communicate using the kiosks that Securus added to the prisons.

Rick Smith recognized that there was a need for different types of innovation within the prison system. He knew that it was necessary for prisoners to keep in contact with their families to reduce recidivism. For this reason, he came up with the idea of email communication for the prisoners. The idea of email is more secure and easier for prison officials to monitor. It is also something that is a lower cost than what the traditional call options are. Rick Smith now offers the option of prisoner email systems to every prison that he works with through Securus.

Now that the company is so large, Rick Smith recently incorporated the idea of a professional sales team. He uses the team in the field to make sure that they are helping the prisons out that need it. He also does what he can to have them show the prisons how they can benefit from both the kiosks and the email systems. Read more articles at

Securus Technologies Has Solved Multiple Prison Problems This Year

Posted a few days ago, an online report depicts the satisfaction prison officials have now that they are using products sponsored by Securus Technologies. This report discussed how prisons everywhere have been going through turmoil regarding contraband being brought into the jail. This report also detailed that most prisons find it impossible to stop this because it is so hard to catch inmates who commit this crime.


However, products sponsored by Securus Technologies has changed the normal way prisons go after inmates bringing in contraband. It is no longer just guards keeping their eyes on inmates. There is now technology to help enforce the law. A great product from Securus is their detection device. This is used when inmates leave and come back into the jail. This detection device works a lot better than the traditional metal detector. This device scans the outside and inside of all individuals. This has led to the arrest of thousands.


On the other hand, attorneys have also left positive notes on the recent online report. Attorneys have also found positive ways to use Securus Technologies products. One of these products is the phone system offered by Securus. Many jails do not monitor every phone call. Of the calls they do monitor, they only save a handful.


Securus Technologies makes it a point to monitor every phone call, and they keep a record of every phone call, too. Attorneys have been using this feature to play recorded calls in open court. This has led to many individuals being found not guilty at their trial.


Securus Technologies responded to this online report by stating they hope their services reach every prison in America. They are urging state officials who are using Securus to speak with state officials who are not using Securus and explain the benefits of the products and services.


Securus Advertises Honestly, According To BBB

Prison telecommunications companies have been getting a bad rap lately. This is mostly due to the unethical business dealings of a company called Global Tel-Link. This telecommunications company secures government contracts to be the sole provider of telephone services to a particular prison through a bidding process. A part of their bidding process includes a commission, otherwise known as a kickback gleaned from the telecommunications profit given back to the prison itself. This forces Global Tel-Link to raise prices on the prison population and their families. The most vulnerable population in the United States becomes abused in the name of profit.

I would like to focus on a prison telecommunications company that is doing good. Securus Technologies recently achieved the prestigious Better Business Bureau’s accreditation. The telecommunications company went out of its way to score this sought after award. They subjected themselves to an eight-point inspection concerning ethics, honesty and transparency. They also paid the BBB for this inspection. That is one serious commitment to ethical business dealings, trust building and authenticity.

The second point in the eight-point inspection concerns honesty in advertising. A lesser company, like Global Tel-Link, would conduct business among the prison population incredibly dishonestly. Global Tel-Link is often criticized for an entire menu of hidden fees. The company’s per minute telephone call rate is already astronomically high. But to take further advantage of the situation, the company also charges fees to initiate an account or phone call, put money into an account or to close an account. All of these fees can cost a family over $300 per week.

Securus carries an upfront pricing structure. The BBB accredited business also provides a superior product. The telephone call quality is much better than its competition, and the company also provides services such as video chat. Securus — advertising honestly even when they don’t have to.


Competition and Lies

The world is a dark and potentially dangerous place, with business being at the forefront of life and death. While this may sound a little extreme it holds a great deal of truth, especially when it comes to the life cycle of a company within the American economy. Securus Technologies, a giant within the information technology sector, has recently been placed under fire by a competing business, GTL. GTL claims that Securus Technologies has recently lost ownership of the majority of its product patents, making it impossible for them to retain control over what happens to these items and allowing the products to float freely in the business market world for anyone to grab as they see fit. View the company profile on


This information is damning for Securus, and they took it very seriously. So serious in fact that Securus Technologies, alongside a variety of different third party sources, researched the issue and came to an all encompassing conclusion that the accusations were baseless and untrue. This would mean that Securus has no worries when it comes to whether or not their products will be lost to them and they can therefore continue business as usual.


The world can be an interesting place, with new obstacles and difficult situations being presented on a daily basis. It is important to always take into consideration the idea that maybe not everything you hear or read is realistic. This fact led Securus Technologies to dig deep into accusations against it, and come out on top as a result. Businesses can therefore be compared to how we as people operate; constantly judging and accusing others without much thought. We need to set our differences aside and present all portions of a story together to make a final conclusion. Securus wins for their efforts and will continue to.


Securus for Amazing Prison Communication

If you have ever had a loved one in the prison system, you know how difficult it can be for you to keep in touch with them on an everyday basis. This is why, as the video above has suggested, Securus is one of the best companies out there in terms of Video Communications with people in prison. This is a great company to make you some and I have used it myself in the past when it comes to keeping in touch with loved ones who I simply cannot see face to face as often as I would like.


Securus is unlike any other company that you might have used in the past. What security features is video communication which enables you to have video chatting sessions with people who are looking for great help with this specific feature. If you have ever struggled in the past to keep in touch with a loved one who is behind bars, Securus can make your life a lot easier and enable you to connect with that person as often as you would like through video messaging services. This is an affordable service that you will find incredibly beneficial on your own part as well as your loved one’s part.


It is never a great idea to think about yourself ever needing a system like Securus. No one likes to think of their loved ones behind bars, but the harsh reality is that things can go wrong very quickly and this may be the situation you are in before you even know it. This is why so curious makes it easy for you to keep in touch with that loved one whether they are a friend or relative of yours. I have personally had great success with using securest and continually recommended to people of all kinds and prison families all across the country. I feel I can truly help people to keep in touch with their loved ones in an easy and efficient manner.


There has never been a better time for you to check out Securus then right now. You can video message your loved ones each and every day as you see fit and this can allow you to have a deeper connection that you might not have even had outside of the prison system. I will continually recommend this service to many people because I feel it is truly beneficial to prison families all across the nation.




Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.