The Lovaganza Traveling Show Soon Departs On A Journey To A Global Event

Lovaganza is a movement that is moving towards an impressive aim of improving the quality of life for all children in the world by funding programs that can complete specific aims, such as providing clean water, education, and peaceful environments for young people to enjoy. Achieving these aims begins with the completion of a trilogy of movies that will be released under the title of the “Lovaganza Convoy”, which will depart with the release of the first movie “Follow your Sunshine”. Along with the theatrical release of the movies Lovaganza’s founder, filmmaker J.P. Gagnon, has created a traveling show where the trilogy will be screened to members of the public to create a live event experience unlike any seen in the past.

The producers at Lovaganza are hoping to reflect the beliefs they have that people from around the world should be able to live in peace with each other. The trilogy of movies they are currently producing will reflect the values and goals of the foundation as the movies take in locations from far flung areas of the world to reflect the need for cultural diversity in the modern world we all live in; not only does the production tour the world on, but some of the most impressive creative artists and technicians are already working on the movies to create the best possible experience for viewers to enjoy.

Uniting the people of the world to enjoy the diversity and different cultures found on our planet is something the Lovaganza Foundation has embarked upon in an impressive way. The traveling show planning to depart on a world tour in 2017 will create a communal experience for watching the “Lovaganza Convoy” of movies through the use of huge 3D screens on wrapping around the audience to create a unique experience that will immerse the watching group in the movies like never before.

The ambitions of the Lovaganza Foundation, beginning with the release of “Follow Your Sunshine” are high and include the use of the best interactive technology created specifically for the global event of 2020. The leaders of the foundation initially intended to hold their global event in 2015 to begin the process of changing the world for the better, but found advances in technology could be included in their own form of World’s Fair that would make the experience more impressive than originally imagined. See: