This Assisted Living Community Goes Above And Beyond For Its Residents

Manse on Marsh is a facility that has been making a big name for itself over the years, more recently showing off their great care by winning the Caring Star award for two years running. The Manse on Marsh facility is a beautiful community that has some of the highest quality services available today, and they offer a care plan that anyone can customize and get exactly what they need.

In order for a facility to even qualify for the prestigious Caring Star award, they must have an overall rating that exceeds 4-stars, and also be present with 5-star reviews as well. In the case of the Manse on Marsh facility, this came easy, as even during the review process they received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews for their current and past customers. What’s even better is that the community won the award for two years in a row, showing how they will continue to go the extra mile to ensure they have a safe and fun community, while taking care of all the needs their patients have on a daily basis.

The Manse on Marsh facility also offers one of the best care plans available for residents today, as they never have to worry about paying for services they do not want or use. Each resident can customize their plan for the services they want, such as medication reminders and meal reminders as well as transportation, laundry, grooming, and so much more. There is also a staff available at all times of the day to ensure residents are well taken care of and can get help if whenever they need it. Allowing the customers to make the decision on what type of care they want makes them feel better about making the transition to assisted living as well.

The Manse on Marsh accepts all residents within the greater San Luis Obsipo area, and is home to a beautiful spot that is close to many attractions that more able residents can even walk to, such as restaurants. In the coming years, Manse on Marsh is sure to reach an even greater level, as they have been dedicated to excellent care for the better part of a decade.