A Former Victim of Cyber Assault Assualt Speaks Out

Hi, I am a survivor of cyber assault (YahooNews). It happened to me sometime around 2013. One day I was working on my computer when I noticed that it started to do strange things. Then screens popped up on my PC and it told me that my information had been compromised. My personal data was stolen and the thieves had access to my bank account, debit and credit cards and all of my other personal financial information.

They took this data and within days used it to open fraudulent accounts and to rack up huge payments in my name. After the incident was over, I felt so violated. Many people treated me like I was the problem. I was very ashamed. I never wanted to go back online again.

Shortly after this incident, I realized that my personal cyber security was not strong. I was weak at the time. I just did not have the right protocols in place to keep me protected. One thing I should have done was to hire a company like Rubica to monitor my online connection and personal cyber security.

Rubica is a great company for this job. They constantly monitor the online world around me to ensure that nothing is getting through from the world wide web that would destroy my financial and personal life. Their personal cyber security services are essential to my overall well-being on the internet.