End Citizens United Creates a Poll to Analyze the Involvement of Russia and the American Opinion

A few years ago, in the year of 2010, there was a federal election commission where the landmark named “Citizens United” was approved. It changed the American elections in a way that, now, all the future candidacies would be able to have candidates directly supporting their favorite candidates and their campaigns with massive proportions of money without any limit or pushback.



This new landmark has put an end to the transparency and honesty of the American elections, and now it is rather a game of interests than real people trying to fight for a better country and lead the Americans to the path that they think is the right one.



End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee, or “PAC,” that aims to put a stop to this mess that has become the American elections.



Since the inauguration of the PAC, the group has made tons of progress and has conquered the confidence and support of thousands of donors and Americans wanting the landmark to be changed, reformed or simply closed completely.



The End Citizens United committee has been able to support the elections of many Democrats running candidacies in the United States, in a way that they try to prove a point by showing the problem at first hand: By funding their pro-reform Democrats and their campaigns with massive chunks of money from grassroot donors, they raise awareness of the problem of allowing committees, investors, and billionaires but their dirty money in the American elections and corrupt the whole system.



The End Citizens United has proven countless times their intentions into making the American elections as transparent and realistic as possible. For example, in May 2017, the PAC has raised a poll asking Americans if they would want a research to be conducted studying and analyzing the involvement of Russia in the 2016 Elections and the candidacy of Trump deeply. There are many conspiracies about the involvement of Russia in the elections of that year, and one of the issues that have caused the lack of evidence about the participation of that nation is the landmark Citizens United that has made the political events very hard to keep track.



The poll has resulted in 61% of American citizens wanting an independent investigation to be conducted. The primary cause of this margin is the fact that President Trump has fired the team responsible for the investigation, FBI Director James Comey, which has made many Americans start second-guessing the intentions of their new President and what he has to hide.



52% of Americans believe there was involvement from the Russian politicians.



The poll also indicates a significant disapproval of how the Presidency of Donald Trump is handling the country. The majority of Americans are very discontent with their President, and many of the members of the PAC are wondering if part of the reason why Trump got elected in the first place was the dirty hands of investors and magnates in promoting the election of Donald Trump in the 2016 elections.

Venezuelan Assemblyman José Manuel González Said His Country Is Now Bleeding Cash

The road to riches is sometimes paved with financial skeletons, and when that road deteriorates those skeletons comes back and haunt the people that helped pave the road. That is a good description of what is happening in Venezuela right now. Venezuela has the richest oil reserves in the world, but the country is cash poor, and the people can’t find enough food to feed themselves or their pets. The city of Caracas has turned into one of the most violent cities in the world. Middle-class Venezuelans are turning into thieves in order to feed their families, and thugs are robbing anyone that looks like they might be a meal ticket. The deputy of the National Assembly from the state of Guárico, José Manuel González, recently said that the situation is totally out-of-control in his country, and there is one man to blame for the disaster. That man is President Nicolas Maduro. Maduro succeeded Hugo Chavez in 2013, and the country has been sliding off an economic cliff ever since then.

José Manuel González has been trying to work out a plan to get the domestic food supply started again, but Maduro has fought any policies that could get the agriculture sector of the economy moving again. González is one of the top agriculture businessmen in the country. He is well respected in the banking and business communities, but he has hit a brick wall with Maduro. González had to devise a plan to stop Maduro from destroying his country, so he decided to join the opposition. The opposition is trying to remove Maduro from office using a national petition. But removing Maduro is a difficult task. He has called in the military to control the food supply, and he is using the military to control the ports. He closed Venezuelan borders, but he recently reopened them for a few hours so people could cross the border into Colombia and find food.

The love for Hugo Chavez is wearing off fast in Venezuela, according to González. But more than 24 percent of the population still supports Maduro because of their love for Chavismo. That 24 percent is primarily low-income and left wing Venezuelans that are willing to give him a chance because he was handpicked by Hugo Chavez.