OSI Group’s Acquisitions 2016

The OSI Group is a food processing industry currently conducting business in about 5 continents. The food solutions company started off as a butcher shop and a marketplace. OSI is a brainchild of the Otto family. The Otto family was an immigrant family that moved into the US from Germany and settled in Chicago. The family saw an opportunity in the meat business and took the bull by its horns. The company would later expand its operations to a fully pledged food processing company with mergers in almost every single continent on the globe today.

The company has been in the forefront of working towards having a cleaner planet. Their operations have been geared towards a greener planet. The company hasn’t been in any legal tussles with any government in the world, matters environmental pollution. In the year 2016, the British council recognized the OSI group’s continued efforts and awarded them an award alongside 18 other companies globally. Such recognition is not a mean feat and has been very instrumental in improving the company’s image. The awarding ceremony was conducted in London after a one-year intensive review into the activities of the company. On the company’s part, the CEO noted that the company would remain committed towards the green environment initiative.

OSI group is also very much interested in expanding food processing facilities to other parts of the world. Considering the fact that food is quite diverse and different cultures have different tastes, the OSI group has taken it upon themselves to merge with local companies. Merging with local companies is the only way that the OSI can successfully venture into new markets in different continents. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

As part, the group has been very much interested in venturing into the European market. This might be the sole reason why OSI group moved very quickly and acquired Baho foods. Baho foods is a Dutch food processing company that operates in two countries. Baho operates in the Netherlands and Germany and has a well-established network both countries.

Another acquisition that has been very notable is the acquisition of the Tyson Foods Company. The Tyson food company closed its doors a few years ago. The company had however established a very good infrastructure and thus was a very meaningful resource to OSI.

There have been many more acquisitions in Asia and China too. OSI food solutions has also done some mergers in Australia as well. The Turi Company Acquisition in Australia is also a notable acquisition in the year 2016.

Learn How The OSI Industries Group Feeds Your Family Smart

OSI Foods Personal Business Growth News

The OSI Group leaders have been selected without question as the largest food groups in the industry. They’ve kept a keen eye for feeding their customers an organic diet rich in nutrients. Their poultry is farmed raised and their vegetables are completely all-natural. If your family is being fed an OSI diet, it’s one they can trust to provide a safe meal. In fact, their food products are easy to afford. OSI wants to see your family eat right and live a healthy lifestyle. Their meals will keep you living active too.

OSI Industries Group Inc. Business News

There has been a need for the OSI Group to expand network by making stronger international connections. They’ve been able to partner with the largest food network in the EU to create a successful deal estimated to be worth millions. They will operate the Flagship Europe facilities. The OSI Group will operate their condiments and frozen meat patties. The deal has been able to increase the food industry appearance for the EU food market. OSI will also have their signature organic vegetables available through the Dutch food industry with Baho Foods.

OSI Group Industry Foods Charity Relief

OSI Industries has made it their point to provide humanitarian efforts. They’ve been able to allow their clients to stabilize their income. Furthermore, OSI has always given generous time and resources to many at-risk adults and children. They were also able to give beck to their local area communities by bidding for a Chicago, Tyson food plant. The deal was a success and hundreds of workers will be able to continue their livelihood. OSI Industries plans to still process Tyson foods from their new facility. Visit the official OSI website and learn how OSI can feed your family a safe diet.

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