Shared Office Space – Pragmatic, Fun and Inspiring


For a long time, co-working spaces were the venue of small companies, especially start-ups, but that is quickly changing. As more companies are working to establish themselves outside of office parks in centralized downtown locations, co-office situations are a pragmatic solutions sought by larger companies, including those in the Fortune 500.

Coworking spaces just make financial sense. WorkVille, a coworking space based in New York City offers a central location, high speed internet, mail service, 24 hour a day access to the facility coffee service, private phone lines, custodial services and printers, all located in a beautiful, classy building that includes terraces. So, for one monthly fee, companies have a beautiful facility, telecom, printing and cleaning services all taken care of. The coffee and other perks keep employees well cared for. Visit the Workville NYC website —

Another perk is that other companies are right there in the same office. This allows companies to network with one another to create leads on new business or refine old business methods to keep them modern and creative.

Coworking is becoming big business as well. By providing affordable shared office spaces at reasonable rates and with sought after services, providing coworking spaces can be dependably lucrative with just a bit of forethought. For those starting a business on their own, there are things to consider.

First, consider the location that you’d like to set up in. While someone with mobile technology can work from just about anywhere these days, they often prefer to work near where they need to be to support their clients. A central location that allows easy access to mass transit or parking and is near larger companies that entrepreneurs often work with is a necessity.

Next, look at creating a quality space that people will want to work in. That’s something that WorkVille does well by making sure the facility is clean, has all of the necessities needed by any office, and appears impressive to the tenants’ visitors when they come in for meetings. Clients are looking for a work environment that creates a sense of community and helps their business grow.

If you’re looking to invest and don’t want to go it alone though. A real estate investment trust or REIT may be the way to go. REITs are real estate portfolios that allow diverse investments including shopping malls, hotels and coworking properties. If you’re interested in investing, speak with a certified financial planner.


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