Copa Star Hospital; Their Sophisticated Technology Gets to Rio de Janeiro

The Southern region of Rio experiences a significant level of urbanization since Copa Star Hospital was inaugurated after three years of construction. The hospital synthesizes comfort, luxury and modern day technology. Copa Star leaves people awed at its magnificence. No doubt you will fall in love with their high-end architectural designs. View the design at RafArquitetura.

It is in this hospital where the definition of quality service is made. As it is, you experience a high self-sufficiency level that you can never find in any other health facility. Admitted patients are provided with iPads where they can quickly reach out to nurses or doctors should need to do so arise.

Unique Aspects That Make Copa Star Stand Out

Before setting off for work, staff members had to go through a two-month training where they took various tests and simulations. Of over 550 employees in that hospital, 113 of them are doctors specializing in different fields. On interacting with them, you will realize that their level of uniqueness is matchless. They have been trained on how to handle patients, dress appropriately and even how to do makeup. As it is, they are incredible in every aspect, focusing more on saving human life by all legitimate means.

History and Exceptional Service Provided at D’OR

D’OR is a non-profit making organization that has been in existence for about seven years. They have their headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. They aim at promoting scientific and technological improvement within their vicinity. They invest in highly-erudite services, where seventeen researchers work with fifty students undertaking related projects.

Learning Opportunities Offered by IDOR

Post graduate courses in lato sensu run courtesy of a partnership of IDOR and Rede D’Or São Luiz. Those conducting research co-work with the students on their masters and doctoral programs. The learning activities are always intense around that institution. Again from time to time, they hold seminars and lectures where they invite international figures, enhancing meaningful participation.


The level of professionalism practiced at Copa Star Hospital is amazing. You have not even mentioned about the highly automated beds and rooms that allow interns and nurses quickly put on light and pull curtains off. The hospital is an exact definition of modern-day technology and is expected to become a world’s reference. On entering by the corridors, you will experience great scents, unlike the experience in other hospitals. Again there are all kinds of startling arts, with every room within the hospital possessing an unquestionable quality matching that of a five-star hotel.

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