Bruce Katzen: New Laws for Nursing Homes

Bruce Katzen is an influential lawyer who is based in Miami at the moment. After practicing his career for a very long time, the litigator has emerged as one of the best in the country, and he has received several awards. Bruce Katzen got his expertise in the legal world after attending prestigious universities in the world. Follow this link to see his educational background. People who have interacted with the lawyer say that he is patient with his clients. In all the cases he has handled in the past, Bruce Katzen believes in delivering the best services. The lawyer recently addressed an issue that has been giving senior members of the community so many problems.

Senior adults deserve the correct care so that they live normal lives even in their old age. There are many nursing homes in the United States, but getting a facility that will give you long term care has proven to be a hard task. Apart from looking at the cost and the quality of healthcare you will be receiving, it is paramount for families to be aware of the recourse when something bad happens. According to Bruce Katzen, most of the long term nursing facilities make sure that the resident; together with several members of the family sign a unique contract before any admission is done. Due to these contracts, when a conflict arose, the families were not able to take the healthcare center to the court of law. Some of the crucial issues that can arise and cause problems for the residents include death, neglect and even abuse. See more highlights here

Bruce Katzen believes that families should not be blocked from seeking justice when an injustice has been committed. The lawyer has announced that very soon, members of the society will have these rights. The regulation from the department of human services and health, clearly indicates that nursing home contracts should be amended so that the rights of the senior members of the society can be protected. The residents of the nursing homes will benefit significantly from the new regulations that have just been introduced into the legal department. Bruce encourages families of the residents to consult professionals before taking any actions.

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