Rick Shinto Is Enhancing The Growth Of InnovaCare Health

The healthcare management industry is highly competitive. In this industry, quality of the services and affordability of the same is of great importance. InnovaCare Health has been redefining healthcare management in North America. The company offers quality Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid services. They incorporate the most advanced technology to develop innovative provider network models. Both Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid are the only NCQA-accredited health plans in Puerto Rico. The NCQA license is a testament to their high standards of operations in terms of consumer protection and quality services. InnovaCare Health serves close to 200,000 people through 7,500 network providers. For an organization to achieve such a stellar profile, it must be under the stewardship of visionary leaders. Rick Shinto serves as the president and CEO of InnovaCare. The company’s impressive performance reflects Rick’s unique leadership skills and commitment.

Besides having a sound educational background, Rick Shinto has extensive experience in the field of managed care, especially on clinical and operational healthcare. Previously, he rendered his services as the president and CEO of Aveta, Inc. Dr. Rick Shinto has also served in top management positions in various organizations including NAMM, Cal Optima Health Plan, Medical Pathways Management Company and MedPartners. He is an alumnus of the esteemed University of California where he graduated with his BS. In addition, Shinto graduated with a medical degree from the revered State University of New York. He also holds an MBA from the State University of Redlands. Rick started his career as a pulmonologist in Southern California. Over the years, the executive has published several articles on healthcare and clinical medicine.

Rick Shinto has been working closely with the other leaders of the organization, including Penelope Kokkinides, who serves as the chief administrative officer. The management team of the company is credited for ensuring that InnovaCare Health provides their clients with innovative products and services. Penelope Kokkinides has extensive experience in developing sound government programs and managed care. By virtue of being in the healthcare industry for many years, Penelope has vast skills in creating clinical programs and facilitating the efficiency and organizational infrastructure of different companies. At Aveta, she served on the management team together with Rick Shinto. At the company, Penelope was the vice president in charge of clinical operations. Kokkinides has also held top leadership positions in various companies, including Americhoice, Centerlight Healthcare, and Touchstone Health. Penelope graduated with a BS from the renowned Binghamton University. Penelope holds master’s degrees from New York University and Columbia University School of Public Health.

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