The Advantages of Using Shea Butter Daily

Shea butter is an ingredient that is found in many healthcare and beauty products. It’s derived from the nut of an African Shea tree. Shea butter is a type of fat that is considered a triglyceride that is extracted from the nut. It’s generally an ivory color and is used it many different types of products such as moisturizers, lip balm, hair care products and many more. It can be consumed as well, and its benefits are endless. It contains vitamins A, E and F and is considered a superfood. It also provides UV protection against harmful rays and studies show that it can reduce inflammation. Raw, organic Shea butter is best because it’s not processed to provide moisturizing and skin smoothing benefits.

EuGenia Shea products provide the best raw ingredient Shea blended into each offered product. The company started producing Shea products and have developed into a popular company offering the best she products on the market. Their products contain a little Shea, more Shea and a lot of Shea butter depending on what you’re looking for. The product that involves a little bit of Shea is for everyday use and keeps your skin smooth, soft and moisturized. The pregnancy Shea offers more Shea that can help with skin probe to be stretched due to pregnancy along with providing all of the extra benefits like the vitamins and moisturizing agents that pregnant women need to keep their skin moist. They also offer a dermatological strength Shea product that has a whole lot of Shea in it. It’s best for those who have more severe skin problems and need an extreme dose of vitamins and moisture.

EuGenia Shea has been producing exceptional shea butter products for some time. They have paid farmers who have helped with the Shea business process and everything is derived from the raw, organic Shea African but tree. They are a family based business with roots in America and Ghana who have been producing quality products for many years and are set out to make a difference in people’s skin and change the world for the better by offering the purest of products that can be found on the market.