Cancer Treatment Centers of America – To Screen or Not To Screen

Yes, folks, the American Urological Association has new news about prostate cancer that apply to men ages 55 to 69. It has been estimated that over 100,000 men in this country each year could put off a cancer screening once you reach a certain age. What this article is saying is that if you are a healthy man not over age 55, a prostate test could be harmed by an unnecessary treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America also suggest that prostate cancer screening for men over the age of 70 and older, is not required.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America says that new prostate guidelines mention that men 55 to 69 should discuss the benefits and harms with their doctors and that if men do choose screening, an interval of two years rather than annually would be better. Some medical professionals believe that the time has come to reflect on how men are screened for prostate cancer and take more selective approach in order to maximize the benefits and lower the harms.

Going forward, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has one good idea that concerns prostate treatments and screening, and that is finding a new name for the condition that affects many men in this country called low-grade prostate cancer. Doing this would actually alleviate some of the mental stress that comes when men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is also suggested that treatment centers take a more thoughtful approach to PSA screening that may have detected thousands of cases of prostate cancer over the years, but has also contributed thoughts and feelings to men that something needs to be done immediately.

Note: The bottom line is you don’t need to rush to treatment. Take your time and allow Cancer Treatment Centers of America to give you options.

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Osteo Relief Institute view on Joint and Muscular System Care

Degenerative joint diseases such as Osteoarthritis have lamed people across the globe with the adult population the most affected. In U.S.A, for instance, about 50 million adults have arthritis or some forms of it. The numbers are on an upward trend, which makes the situation acuter and the need to treat the condition before it renders one permanently immobile (YourBeautyCraze).


Injury, weight, age, and family background are some of the primary risk factors for Osteoarthritis. The disease is incurable regrettably and degenerative too. Once the cartilage or the soft tissue that sandwiches the joints wear out, only management can improve the quality of life and probably halt worsening. Nonetheless, a patient suffering from the condition is encouraged to seek medical aid along with regularly exercising the body.


About Osteo Relief Institute

It is a network of medical centers with the main office situated in San Diego, California. It offers the best arthritis management is a destination of many patients with like conditions. Osteo Relief Institute boasts of a resource that beats the rest; physical therapy specialists, who work tirelessly to minimize pain and deterioration.


Their Orthopedic personnel gives well thought off diagnosis, treatment and after care advice. Step by step they guide patients on the advantages and disadvantages of alternative treatment procedures. Unlike the classical methods that involved surgical procedures, the up to date technology is not surgical and very effective.


Osteo Relief Institute treatment choices could be joint replacement or fusions or joint repair using a minimally invasive procedure characterized by quick recovery time frame and less painful. At Osteo Relief Institute, degenerative arthritis is not a hard nut to crack according to DR. Matthew CiRullo nor should you give up. He reassures with the right care and management tools one can live normally.


Despite the skyrocketing numbers of Osteoarthritis patients, Osteo Relief Institute comfortably tends to them all through the 13 satellite offices (HealthGrades). They are spread out in the United States, Arizona, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Edgewater, and Jersey Shore.

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