How George Soros Fights For Justice in the Society

George Soros was born in Nazi-Hungary back in 1930.His father Tividar was an attorney general who loved Esperanto, and in 1936 he changed his name to Soros. In 1944, Soros handed George to a Hungarian official in fear that his family will diminish in the war after Nazis occupied Budapest. In 1947, the family reunited and moved to England where George was able to join London School of Economics. He adopted the works of Karl Popper, a philosopher who believes in the concept of open society. George engaged in railway porter, waiter and later to a banker before leaving to New York. In 1969, George started his hedge fund business and later founded the Soros Fund Management

Soros has used the open society ideology to restore the values of the society. He supports democracy, the rule of law, human rights, social injustices and social responsibility. Soros has been in forefront fighting for injustices in the society. In 2000, Soros wrote a letter to then President of United States Bill Clinton opposing the death penalty rule imposed to the blacks and Hispanic offenders. Soros fights for refugees and illegal immigrants from social injustices and more so oppression and harassment from the government. Through a letter to the United Nations Secretary General, Soros addressed the issue of using harsh measures against drugs saying this will bring more harm. He proposed that drug abusers should be rehabilitated with moderation to prevent more harm to the society like the spread of diseases. Read more about George at The New York Times.

George Soros has highly supported organizations and charities in improving the lives of people in the society. Soros gave over $3 million to Super PAC to help in mobilizing Hispanic voters. Through his open society foundation, Soros awarded ACLU $8.69 million as a grant to the organization. Soros also donated $6,386,447 to HRW in the year 2000 to 2008. He also funds organizations that are concerned with immigrants and the refugees. Soros also donated funds to the Drug Policy Alliance to help loosen laws in drugs and enhance te rehabilitation process. The alliance also provides syringes to the drug users to curb the spread of diseases.

Soros is an influential politician who has toppled many dictatorial regimes from power. He is a staunch supporter of the Democratic party and gives both financial and personal support. Soros has to be an active campaigner of Bill, Hillary and also Barrack Obama in their leadership. He has worked closely with Bill Clinton as they embraced his views and agendas on the open society ideology. George Soros also condemned dictatorial and oppressive leadership. He was on the front line to oppose the use of military action on the terrorism crisis. In August 2003, he warned the citizens on reelecting George Bush saying that he was leading the United States in the Wrong direction. Learn more about his profile at

Nationwide Title Clearing Delivers for their Employees

Nationwide Title Clearing has worked hard to build a successful business. They have had a lot of clients who were happy with what they offered and this allowed them the chance to make sure that things were the best for the business. It also gave them the chance to make sure that things are better for the business. The secret to success lies within their employees.

Nationwide Title Clearing recognized that the employees were the most important part of the business. While clients are the ones who are able to provide the business to the company, the employees need to be top notch to be able to provide that service to the clients. Nationwide treats their employees like gold because they know that their clients will be happier with the options that they have given them. It has allowed them the chance to make things better and has given the clients a glimpse at what happy employees truly look like.

There were many things that the leaders at Nationwide Title Clearing did to set their employees up for success. First, they wanted to make sure that their clients were doing the most for the business and they wanted the employees to be able to provide those opportunities to each of their client pools. This gave them a chance to find high-quality employees who are able to help the clients out. It has allowed them the chance to pick some of the best employees who are able to continuously do good.

While Nationwide Title Clearing recognizes that their employees need to be happy, they also recognize that they must treat them well for that to be able to happen. They have done a lot in the past to show their employees that they like them and that they are happy that they are doing business with them. This has allowed the employees to feel like they are appreciated and that they are the best of the best. The people who run Nationwide Title Clearing know that their employees must be treated the best to have them do the best work possible for their business.

All of their employee appreciation has certainly paid off. Not only have they won many employee-centric awards but they have also been able to grow their business. Their happy employees make their clients happy which make them tell all of their friends which grows the business for Nationwide Title Clearing. It has allowed them the chance to grow their business both physically and in the sense of gaining more customers. They have also been able to show their employees that they are doing the best for what they have to work with and what they can do for clients.

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