Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Active wear beats them all.

Exercising for fitness is an everyday activity. Many of you go to the gym, sweat in the studios or run with the kids at home and perform on different platforms. Do you care about the outfit that you use for such activities? Feeling comfortable during your escapades is inevitable. That is why we salute Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson was born to inspire and elevate the womenfolk. She decided to blend this into fashion and style, a style of taste. That is why together with others, they started Fabletics to cater for your comfort during training and exercises.

The company aims at creating clothing that inspires you to stay active in men or women competitions. Quality is our tune, style is our taste, and we live to uphold our theme, Live Your Passion Every day.

What does it take for us to stay at the Top?

You must have known by now that Amazon controls nearly 20% of the online fashion market, but that has not deterred Kate Hudson’s Fabletics from battling it out with them. In just four years now, we have grown to a multimillion-dollar business.

Started in October 2013, we today boast of a vast and rapid expansion into other countries. Fabletics reached U.K, Germany, and France in July 2014 and Canada in September the same year. 2015 was our year.

We started by making a shipment of one million orders to different destinations in January. In February, we began shipping to Australia as well. In June and September 2015, we started the men’s line of wears and opened six retail locations within the U.S respectively.

Fabletics launched a membership subscription to reach customers. Kate Hudson believes in convenient inspirational brands that tickle individuals. That is what we produce, exceptional brands.

We offer affordable prices for high-quality goods and services. Our public relations handle all customers like the kings and queens of their time. The modern world requires unique approaches to the fashion sales industry, and Fabletics knows this.

The reverse showroom technique has led Fabletics to its current status. We have an approach that was feared by our competitors. We provide customers and other interested parties a chance to browse our products without fear.

It has helped us to build good relationships with our customers. They believe in us and even get to know about the local markets through events and activities. About 50% of the people who visit our stores are already members while almost 25% of them become members during their visits.

Whether a customer tries a product or buys it, it is put directly into their shopping cart as well. We also have several retail outlets to help us reach as many customers as possible.

We display online, precisely what we have in the stores. We also produce new brands to the market every month. It helps us grow day by day.

Our membership model gives us a chance to treat our customers personally and offer fashionable trends at half the price of our competitors. We make everyone happy once we know who they are and their taste of wears.

Kate Hudson made it her responsibility to steer Fabletics to greater heights. She oversees the company’s sock, market changes, sales, and partnerships.

As an individual, Kate adores Fabletics. She uses its products daily with her two kids. You will meet them jogging in the Fabletics’ gears more often.

For an actress without business experience, no one expected Kate to ride so high and lead Fabletics to its current status. Hats off to her.

Are you looking for the best gear that fits you? Well, take a Lifestyle Quiz. It will help you.

How Could Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Ever Compete with Amazon?

Understanding how any company could compete with Amazon all comes down to first getting an understanding about how profitable this retail giant really is. Looking at the fashion e-commerce market, we see that there are thousands of clothing companies all trying to get the same customer, yet Amazon is easily making 20 percent of all the sales in this very competitive market. That being said, we see that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has emerged from the pack and is making moves to actually compete on a higher level with Amazon. In three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already sold in excess of $250 million in women’s apparel and workout clothing.


How was Hudson able to get her athleisure brand to be able to compete on a global scale with the biggest retailer in the industry? The first thing that we have to look at is the two key factors that separate Kate Hudson’s Fabletics from the other active-wear sellers. Inside the Fabletics store in the local malls, you will find this is more of a unique shopping experience than anything else. There are women all over the store trying on all the yoga pants, there are women taking the Fabletics lifestyle quiz, and we even see women just window-shopping without sales associates pressuring them to buy.


The biggest difference with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics in this competitive fashion e-commerce market, they utilize reverse showrooming and their membership package to drive sales. Once these shoppers become members and visit any of the retail stores, each item they try on inside the store will instantly be moved to the online store shopping cart. Even if these women are too busy at the mall, they can log into their Fabletics account any time and those pieces will be waiting for them to purchase. Since sizing is no longer a concern, these customers tend to shop the larger online inventory and buy in bulk.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics continues to give customers more in perks than any other retailer in this space. Fabletics members receive a shopping assistant, free shipping on online orders, and deep discounts on the workout apparel online and in the mall stores. Your shopping assistant selects one piece each month they think you will love based on quiz answers. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has what it takes to really put a scare in Amazon and finally being able to compete with them on a bigger global platform.

Fabletics Wishes To Bring Stores To North America

A website opening a store is often seen as an interesting idea in retail that seems unnecessary. Those who shop online wonder why they must go to a store for something they may purchase online, and mall shoppers pass by the stores noting the name of the website. Fabletics has started an expansion into North American shopping malls with over 100 stores, and they will sell the clothes they feature on their website. This article explains how Fabletics is opening stores in a new and interesting way. They will use a reversed showroom that showcases their products online before they hit the store.


#1: Fabletics Is An Online Powerhouse


The company has been online for some time as they sell to women the vision of Kate Hudson. She believes in dressing women in clothes that are easy to wear, and she wishes to help women when they are too busy to wear anything else. She created clothes she could wear to the gym, and she is seen in her commercials wearing the clothes while she works out.


Her clothing line helps women when they are getting ready for the day, and each piece of clothing is quite comfortable to wear. Women who shop online are aware of the power of the Fabletics name, and they likely wear the clothes to the gym or to pick up their kids every day.


#2: How Will Stores Help?


The Fabletics brand is so well-known that they may open stores knowing their customers will come around. Customers are naturally curious, and they will come into the stores looking for a reason to buy something new. They will see quite a lot of what they are accustomed to, and they will see much more that is unlike what they own.


Building a wardrobe is quite exciting, and women who are shopping between the store and the website will find a range of items that are exciting. They will enjoy wearing these clothes every day, and they will not feel the need to change. They may change out certain pieces during the day, and they will avoid the hassle of changing several times.


#3: How Does Fabletics Look?


Fabletics is the first company to be properly athleisure in its scope. They wish to keep women comfortable on the street, and they have created a style that pervades in fashion. Every company in the world is looking at ways to use athleisure, and Fabletics sells nothing else. Their company will build a brand around casual clothes, and women may come into each new store looking at clothing they just saw online. They are aware of what they will see, and the reversed showroom has worked.


Striking out into the retail market is scary for many businesses, but Fabletics has the presence to do so with confidence. They are building a brand that may open 100 stores around America, and each store will be flooded with women who are quite interested to see what is different from the website.