Securus Technologies – The Leading Provider of Technology Solutions to Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of communication services, government information management, and parolee tracking to correctional facilities. It is currently serving over 2600 correctional facilities in more than 45 states in America. The company was founded in 1986 and has more than 30 years in offering services to correctional facilities. Securus Technologies has also extended its services to Mexico, Canada, and Columbia. Its main office is in Dallas, Texas. It also has satellite offices in Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton. It is known for comprehensive and innovative technical solutions.

The solutions that are provided by Securus are simple, powerful, and secure. Also, several corrections, law enforcement, and public safety agencies depend on Securus Technologies because its products and services are easy to use and accessible as well. With talented engineers, designers, technologist, innovative thinkers, and the technology that is offered by Securus, the company is second to none. It is committed to connecting inmates with their friends and family members. Apart from inmate self-service and communication services, Securus Technologies is also providing services relating to public information, investigation, information management, and verification.

According to customer comments, Securus Technologies is consistently innovative with its services. It is always at the forefront of the telecommunication industry. The investigative tools that are provided by Securus have made the operation in correctional facilities more efficient than before. The comments also show that customers are extremely pleased with the customer service and reliability, which are provided by Securus and its representatives.

Customers from the correctional industry consider Securus as a class organization that has the desire of providing the best products. Today, correctional facilities can track and monitor the communication activities of inmates. This has allowed correctional centers to remain safe. Clients are also learning more about recent technologies in the communication industry, which has improved their service delivery.


Securus Advertises Honestly, According To BBB

Prison telecommunications companies have been getting a bad rap lately. This is mostly due to the unethical business dealings of a company called Global Tel-Link. This telecommunications company secures government contracts to be the sole provider of telephone services to a particular prison through a bidding process. A part of their bidding process includes a commission, otherwise known as a kickback gleaned from the telecommunications profit given back to the prison itself. This forces Global Tel-Link to raise prices on the prison population and their families. The most vulnerable population in the United States becomes abused in the name of profit.

I would like to focus on a prison telecommunications company that is doing good. Securus Technologies recently achieved the prestigious Better Business Bureau’s accreditation. The telecommunications company went out of its way to score this sought after award. They subjected themselves to an eight-point inspection concerning ethics, honesty and transparency. They also paid the BBB for this inspection. That is one serious commitment to ethical business dealings, trust building and authenticity.

The second point in the eight-point inspection concerns honesty in advertising. A lesser company, like Global Tel-Link, would conduct business among the prison population incredibly dishonestly. Global Tel-Link is often criticized for an entire menu of hidden fees. The company’s per minute telephone call rate is already astronomically high. But to take further advantage of the situation, the company also charges fees to initiate an account or phone call, put money into an account or to close an account. All of these fees can cost a family over $300 per week.

Securus carries an upfront pricing structure. The BBB accredited business also provides a superior product. The telephone call quality is much better than its competition, and the company also provides services such as video chat. Securus — advertising honestly even when they don’t have to.


Talk Fusion Wins a Prestigious Accolade due to its Knack for Developing Exceptional Video Products

Talk Fusion has received many awards due to its commitment to client service and accomplishments in the digital marketing arena. Recently, Technology Market Corporation recognized the company and awarded it the 2016 Communications Solutions Products award. Rich Tehrani made this announcement and acknowledged Talk Fusion for excelling in the marketing of data, voice, and video communications. Rich Tehrani is the chief executive officer of Technology Market Corporation, the company responsible for spotting innovative businesses that are making a tangible impact in the corporate world.


Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is a product that utilizes WebRTC technology, which enables its consumers to communicate through video chats using devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. This program is sold to users via iTunes and is available in Google Play store. Since its inception in the market, this video program has been a huge success and has attracted many consumers. Bob Reina announced that the company is aiming to develop more high-tech products in the coming years. According to Ryan, the chief technical officer, Video Chat is just the beginning of a journey of more amazing products.


Talk Fusion has launched free trials for WebRTC Recorder, a product they hope to sell in the coming year. The motivation behind this trials is the award they received from Technology Market Corporation.



An outline of Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion was established in 2007, and it specializes in video marketing. Over the years, the company has been working with clients who need patent-pending video technology solutions. The company’s mission is to assist businesses to survive in the competitive corporate world, increasing their sales, and maximizing profits. Talk Fusion stands out when it comes to making marketing interesting, engaging, and memorable. It has many employees who work to market the company’s products worldwide. The man behind the firm’s success is CEO Bob Reina. Immediately after its inception, Talk Fusion launched a globally renowned program called Instant Pay Compensation Plan. Talk Fusion is a member of Direct Selling Association and is known for its regard for ethics in business. The company exercises its charitable acts through donating to animal shelters and communities all over the world.



Class Dojo’s Continues To Grow And Expand On Their Platform

Class Dojo is a relatively new educational platform with a focus on improving students capability to learn and making the school environment a more positive one. The company and their program was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, two former teachers. They decided to create the app in order to help teachers more effectively instruct their students and maintain communication at all times. The idea is that students who receive more encouragement and communication from their teachers and parents during school, are able to learn more effectively and gain confidence in themselves. Which seems to be doing the trick by the number of great things being said by teachers and parents who are using the app around the world.

Class Dojo works as an app that anyone can download and use at any time from the usual app store, though participation requires an invite from a child’s classroom teacher. Once that is done, a user can set up their profile and begin sharing information and using Class Dojo along with others.

The tool is especially useful for parents, as it allows them to communicate with their child’s teacher at any time of the day with direct communication. They can monitor the progress of their child while they are doing their school work and doing activities in the classroom. Teachers are also capable of setting up the story board and post pictures, videos, notes, and more to save special moments that happen daily in school. This is very helpful for teachers and students because everyone becomes more engaged in schooling, and active involvement from parents makes the experience better for both their children and their teachers.

Millions of people have downloaded and started participating in the Class Dojo program. The company has raised money for the app through fundraising and advanced features on the app that are completely optional. This allows Class Dojo to provide the platform for free to everyone and still keep updating it for the future. The app can also be adjusted for the different grades that it is being used in, to better match the students.

Because of the popularity of the app skyrocketed so quickly, it needed additional funding to keep growing and spread its reach further quicker. Their hope is to keep improving on the platform and spread it across classrooms all over the world to help improve education and the school environment.

School Is Brought To Parents

Gone are the days when parent have to show up, in person, for a parent-teacher conference. With today’s technology it’s not necessary. Introducing ClassDojo, a revolutionary, free app that empowers teachers, students, and parents alike. ClassDojo updates parents on their children’s progress. Its aim is to function like snapchat.

Teachers using ClassDojo can take a picture of their class lesson plan for the day and send it to parents, so parents feel involved. A parent can see inside their child’s class, via video, in real time. Parents can enjoy watching their children grow up and learn at school. Teachers don’t have to rely on memory to recall an event. Through ClassDojo, they have physical proof to aid their comments.

Many teachers in grade 8 down to kindergarten are using this communication platform. In fact, 2 of 3 schools are using ClassDojo. Natalia, a 4th grade teacher says, “ClassDojo has been incredible for my school, our students, and our parents”. According to ClassDojo, 85,000 private and public schools are using their app in America alone. ClassDojo adds to any classroom community. It is used worldwide in 180 plus countries.

ClassDojo was co-founded, in 2011, by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. This San Francisco based company came up with 21 million dollars for ClassDojo to become an app. General Catalyst Managing Director Hermant Taneja explains ClassDojo origin: “In the early days, ClassDojo was a tool to help teach good behavioral traits. But now it is being used for parent, teacher, and student collaboration.”

The company wants participants to feel their privacy is protected. Chaudhary and Don say, “We’ve committed to never selling or renting your data to anyone, including to advertisers.” After 12 months, if ClassDojo is no longer being used, by parents and students, information is deleted. Tessa, a parent in California, says, “I know I’m always in control of my child’s information with ClassDojo.”

Looking into the future, the company says that paying for things like yearbooks, school field trips, lunches, or supplies may be available through ClassDojo. On ClassDojo’s webpage they advertise: “[it] helps students build skills and culture” and “students love it and it saves teachers time”.

ClassDojo has partnered with Stanford researchers to develop a series of videos teachers can use to improve students’ intelligence and abilities. The company also has ambitious plans to have parents use the school’s curriculum material at home furthering their child’s education.


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