All you need to know about Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a financial and administrative operations expert at Newark Economic Development Corporation. He has built his career by being a successful economic strategist.Kevin made his reputation by introducing new company strategies successfully in New Jersey. Through this, he has been able to win his current position as a vice president.

Throughout his career,he has come up with business strategies that have delivered results consistently. He has achieved this by aligning his strategies with the current economic and organization goals and technological initiatives.He has changed the corporate revenue processes that have ended up working for the board, general contractors, and sub-contractors all over the mid-Atlantic.

Kevin’s career is full of accomplishment. They include

Revenue enhancements, which have helped in the forecasting of annual increase by 25% of services and goods offered.Kevin made social capital divisions stable, improved staff retention, enhanced recruitments efforts, collective bargaining, and made management easy. These processes have improved service delivery, improved standardization, and improved company’s performances.

The accomplishment that appeals the mosT

Kevin Seawright has been responsible for over $400M city, federal, private, capital bonds funds for 12years. This is in human resource, executive level finance and capital operational management.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has also been responsible for over 600M in capital construction facilities projects. He has also served in many positions that have been a success.

One of his strengths is that he has a great leader with a reputation of establishing a good rapport with his staff, client’s constituents, managers and other leaders.

Below are some of the fundamentals that have propelled Kevin to success.

  • Remaining a great team player and understanding the strategic planning and goals and managing a great team.
  • Enhancing Proficiency with IT and other related tools to improve reporting capabilities.
  • Promoting reliability, efficiency, operations, accounting, and such similar things.
  • Developing long term strategic plans.

.Approaching issues with honesty and maturity.

  • Maintaining positive relationships with state, city, and other associations


Kevin has received many awards for financial responsiveness while working for municipalities for excellent services, thinking outside the box in hard times and professionalism.

Social media

You can find Kevin Seawright on different social media platforms. He is on Twitter as @KevinSeawright2 where he shares his LinkedIn posts and other relevant posts. He displays the same posts on Facebook.

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