The Academy of Art University and the Fashion Designers of Tomorrow

If you have any aspirations of becoming a fashion designer, you would most likely be interested in the Academy of Art University, a privately owned art school based in San Francisco, CA. The art school, which was established in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, recently held a runway showcase, featuring fashions created by university students. The showcase was part of the New York Fashion Week, which was held on September 9, 2017; it featured womenswear and menswear from university graduates and was judged by industry professionals, most notably Ms. J Alexander, best known for appearing on America’s Next Top Model.


Students enrolled in the Academy of Art University all have very diverse backgrounds, which contributed to the diverse fashion designs on display, ranging from trendy to avant-garde. One of the students in the showcase was Hailun Zhou from China; her design was a type of outerwear constructed from vinyl and PVC, which could be worn as separates or dresses. In addition, the showcase featured a design from U.S designer Eden Slezin, who attributed his look to an appreciation for vintage denim. The entire showcase could be summed up as a demarcation of diverse backgrounds, eclectic styles, and the imaginative use of fabrics to create not only clothing but also works of art.


The Academy of Art University is the brainchild of Richard S. Stephens, the former creative director of Sunset Magazine; the concept behind the university was to welcome aspiring students who truly had a passion for fashion and provide them with the skills necessary to become professionals in the fashion world. Additionally, Stephens believed that aspiring students shouldn’t be required to have an art portfolio to join the academy; instead, they should possess an unbridled conviction to share their work with the world. And with this as their foundation, students will be more adept at learning the skills needed to succeed in the fashion industry.


If this article has piqued your interest in fashion design, here are few things that may encourage you to join the Academy of Art University; the university has a reputation for staying abreast of industry trends, as well as new technologies. The university also has a total of 18,000 students, making it the largest private accredited university with a focus on art and design.


Squaw Valley Issues Statement Regarding Contamination Scare

On Nov. 8, the Placer County Health Department issued a statement regarding the detection of bacteria and E-coli found in Squaw Valley water wells.


It was reported that the drinking water in Squaw Valley’s upper mountain region tested positive for traces of E-coli and coliform. The findings pose a potential environmental health risk to visitors and area wildlife.


Despite the fact that the water has been deemed undrinkable, Placer County Health Department ruled not to close Squaw Valley. Visitors, however, will be fed only prepackaged foods and beverages until further notice. There will also be signs posted throughout the grounds informing visitors of the situation.


On Nov. 30, Squaw Valley Public Relations Director Liesl Kinney, released a response outlining what steps are being taken to resolve the issue and preserve public safety.


It was reported that unusually heavy rains soaked the area and inundated Squaw Valley’s water system. The upgraded water systems at High Camp and Gold Coast were particularly affected. Testing showed that no other areas within the site were contaminated.


Once the contamination was found, Placer County Health Department was contacted immediately. Other experts were called in to consult. Although the situation is being addressed, water quality is not at normal levels. The situation will be monitored around the clock. As soon as the water reaches an acceptable level, Squaw Valley will continue with its current safety measures.


Kinney stated that the health and safety of the public was their primary concern. Updates will be given until the situation is corrected.