Meet Zeco Auriemo, the Young President of JHSF

Very few people assume leadership positions while below the age of 30, as most folks are usually trying to figure out what life has in store for them, and finding out their passions. For Zeco Auriemo, however, he had already taken up executive management at JHSF, becoming the president of the company before he was thirty years old. JHSF, Auriemo’s family business is in the real estate business in Brazil where it builds commercial and residential properties, read (

The rise of Zeco Auriemo to the presidency of the company did not surprise family and friends, as he had worked at JHSF since he was young, and also as an Engineering student at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University in São Paulo. However, the passion for being involved in JHSF’s everyday business would eventually conquer his dedication to his studies. Consequently, Auriemo decided to go all in, and be fully engaged in the company business. His father, Fabio Auriemo, was already convinced that Zeco Auriemo was a natural leader who would run the gamut at JHSF.

Zeco Auriemo lived up to his father’s expectations, and he displayed his skills in the early 2000s, when he used his business prowess, and savvy to convince JHSF to invest in a project called Parque Cidade Jardim. That project turned out to be one of the most profitable investments of JHSF. In turn, JHSF reaped from the project handsomely that the company was prompted to list its shares on the São Paulo Stock Exchange.


More about Zeco Auriemo

At a tender age, Auriemo participated in the International Youth Coexistence in Japan, and also learned Horse riding in Europe, which was taught by Nelson Pessoa Filho. Zeco is a dedicated husband and father, who always finds time in his packed schedule for his two children, and his wife, Mariana Landmann Auriemo. Besides, he is advent golf –lover, and practices the sport, whenever he has a chance.