Academy of Art University Revamp Classic Car Collection with Sale to Mecum’s Auction

What do you know about classic cars? Whether you answered everything or nothing, The Academy of Art University wants to teach you and the rest of the public more very soon. Previously used for studying purposes for car design and restoration students, the Academy of Art’s collection of classic cars will soon be opened for all to see as a museum.

Since 1929, The Academy of Art University has inspired the people of San Francisco to learn about art and sharpen their creative minds. The school began with 45 students who were taught in a loft by Richard S. Stephens, then the Art Director for Sunset Magazine. Not too long after, the small school became the large University that it is today. Throughout its growth, it has experienced many changes, but one in particular came about when the school was under the leadership of the founder’s son, Richard A. Stephens. Mr. Stephens’s love of cars moved him to add a transportation and design department and also a classic car collection in 1951.

Fast forward 67 years, and now The Academy of Art University’s campus welcomes over 14,000 students who choose to major in an array of studies from acting, to illustration, and writing for film, television, and digital media. Today, the school is also gearing up to welcome the public eye to the collection of classic cars Richard A. Stephens began. Before they do so, several of the pre-war cars will be sold to Mecum’s Auction in Monterey, California, to freshen up the collection for the students and the public. In case you have instantly gained an interest in classic while reading this and want to purchase one, the cars on the list to be sold include a 1929 Duesenburg Model J convertible sedan, a 1932 Packard Eight 902 Coupe, and a 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K cabriolet B amongst a few others.

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Academy Of Art University Opening The Doors To Its Car Museum

The Academy of Art is an art school in San Francisco, California, founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. Stephens was the art director for Sunset Magazine, and alongside his wife he started the academy with 45 students. From humble beginnings, the school has now approximately 12,600 students that are being taught by close to 300 full-time teachers.

The school continued to grow and expand along the years, in 1977 offering a Master of Fine Arts degree for the first time, and in 1985 gaining accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The current President of the school is the granddaughter of founder Richard S. Stephens, Elisa Stephens. Under her leadership, the institute has constantly strived for progress, in 2002 ushering in a new digital age and offering an innovative online arts education.

The University’s mission has been to prepare aspiring professionals in a number of different fields, from design, communications and art. They teach a disciplined approach to the study of art and design while at the same time encouraging students to grow and develop their own personal style in a creative environment. Fostering optimum quality in all aspects of programs and services has been a constant goal, as well as stimulating and developing students into emerging artists.


Academy of Arts University also owns and operates an automobile museum, which possesses around 250 vintage cars, including very rare and valuable models, approximately half of the cars being owend by the university. The collection that the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum has was valued at more than $70 million by Forbes.

Recently, the university announced the opening of its collection as a public museum. In the past, the collection has only been available by appointment, or to students who were interested in car design and restoration. According to the University’s President, the collection consists primarily of pre-war vehicles, which benefits fashion-design students. At the same time, the selling of these vehicles could make room for more contemporary vehicles, which will assist the teaching of design and restoration to interested students who are looking to become automotive interior designers after their graduations.

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