About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a renowned venture capitalist, entrepreneur and business guru based in Dallas, Texas. Apart from being the head of Timber Creek Capital, Marc maintains many portfolio companies in the US. He has successfully owned and managed a series of ventures. He has an interest in the telecommunication industry. He owns three telecommunication companies that include Cardinal Telecom, Splash Media, and Blue Jay Wireless.

He involves in different philanthropic activities in Dallas. A good example is Samaritan Inn, a program that has been providing shelter to the homeless since the 1980s. Marc is passionate about giving back to the society and finds it incredibly rewarding. As a way of giving back to the community, he has built several homes to shelter the homeless and supports American Can, an education program based in Dallas.

Although he has gained incredible success in business, Sparks believes his success did not come by luck. He sees himself not different from others. Marc has openly outlined how he rose to success to encourage other business persons to take a similar path. In fact, his book “They Can’t Eat You” is an illustration of how he attained business success. He is also passionate about sharing with the less-privileged.

Marc Sparks did not start a single business and became successful. He is a serial entrepreneur owning a multitude of businesses in different industries. Although he seems to be more interested in telecommunication, he holds other types of businesses as well. He is a venture capitalist. He gives startup capital to entrepreneurs who seem to have a promising future. Although being a venture capitalist is highly speculative, Marc has been quite successful with it.

About Spark Tank

Together with Lynne, Marc felt that social service entrepreneurs might create social success if their ideas are funded. As such, they created Spark Tank to reap social benefits within the society by offering grants and overseeing accountability from the nonprofit organizations.

The idea of establishing Spark Tank is to encourage nonprofit organizations with the entrepreneurial spirit to create social success. The program focuses on finding how a given sum of money would benefit the community as a whole.

All participants of Spark Tank must apply online. Each of them will be carefully reviewed to come up with a list of three finalists. After being shortlisted, the finalist must present their ideas to the Spark Tank panel personally on a designated date.

There would be ten minutes of presentation for each finalist, followed by ten more minutes of Q &A. All the applicants must fall under the category of 501c3 organization and have a minimum of two years history. You may apply for animal services, human services, or other arts. However, the program prohibits applications by political action committee, National charities, and faith-based initiatives. Nonetheless, faith-based initiatives for nonreligious purposes may apply for the program.

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