Bruce Katzen successful Career in Law

Bruce Katzen is a big name in the field of law. He is among the most prominent litigation and real estate lawyers. According to his Super Lawyer profile, Katzen lives in Miami, Florida. He pursued his education at the University of Miami, School of Law. He is a specialist in estate and trust, business, and securities litigation. He also schooled in Boston University after his bachelor’s degree where he graduated with summa cum laude honors. He was certified and accredited in 1984. In one of the articles by Kluger Kaplan, there have been nine Kluger Kaplan lawyers featured in the list of the best lawyers in the United States of America in 2019. This law firm is highly impressed and feels honored for its incredible achievements in conjunction with Alan Kruger, the founder of this firm. This law firm believes that they have been featured due to their dedication to delivering the best services to their clients and the way in which they represent them.


Bruce Katzen was among the top nine featured lawyers in the edition. The law firm page states that he is highly passionate and have vast knowledge in helping and assisting his clients. He makes use of his expertise and extensive knowledge in serving his clients to his level best. He has a great background in finance and accounting. He has high confidence in his skills and experience as an attorney and that his career is an excellent boost towards his success. Bruce Katzen developed his interest in law when he was working as an accountant. He attained tremendous knowledge in into complex cases that are likely to arise in law. He is fond of analyzing facts and develop the best mechanism that can lead him to victory in any case that comes along his way. He has been severally warded due to his great reputation in the field of law.

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