Anthony Marsala Is A 2016 M&A Advisor Award Winner

Antony Marsala is riding a huge wave of success in the financial industry. Marsala is the co-founder of the Chicago-based investment firm Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is focused on helping small companies get bigger either by mergers and acquisitions or by helping them with strategic planning asset management, and other internal services. Marsala is considered one of the best when it comes to planning and implementing mergers. M&A Advisor recently gave Tony the 2016 Emerging Leader Award for his work in the financial industry. Marsala will be in New York in June to receive that award, according to an article published by the Chicago Tribune.

The other co-founder of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway is also an award-winning financial expert. Botchway recently told that the reality of the hedge fund industry is performance has been disappointing industry-wide, but Madison Street Capital’s hedge fund division is doing better than the industry. Investors are leaving hedge funds, and they are looking for other investment vehicles, according to Botchway. Madison Street Capital has been getting a lot of request from high profile investors lately because of the performance of the company’s fund.

One of the main issues with hedge funds is the fees. Investors are balking at a 2 percent management fee on top of a 20 percent of the profits commission. Botchway said the news only reports the hedge fund success stories and the incredible failures. The other hedge fund transactions get lost like the transactions that Madison Street Capital executes. But Botchway isn’t complaining about the lack of press. He prefers a low profile. In fact, Marsala believes high-profile investors like Soros, Griffin, Bass and others make themselves targets for unnecessary scrutiny. Most hedge fund investors and merger and acquisition specialist like to work under the public’s radar for several reasons. The world of hedge fund investing and mergers and acquisitions are misunderstood by the public. Not all hedge fund investors take advantage of the system, according to Botchway and Marsala.
The Madison Street Capital mission is to make small companies bigger and more efficient and medium size companies more profitable. Hedge fund investing is just one page in the Madison Street Capital’s playbook. Madison Street assists clients from the beginning stages to the end stages of a merger. The Madison Street Capital team helps companies that are buying other companies, and the team helps companies that are selling. Marsala and the team provide valuation services, solvency opinions and an analysis of the industry where the merger or the acquisition takes place.

Tony Marsala is being honored for his work, but the entire Madison Street Capital team deserves an award for their record-breaking performance.

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