According to Lauren Conrad: Nice Weather Is Best

Lauren Conrad has some suggestions for you regarding weather and having a stress free party. The first suggestion is an obvious one. However, so many people get wrapped up in the idea of their party that they lose sight of it. That is to study the weather prior to the party. Lauren believe looking at the weather two weeks in advance and every day after that is perfect. It’s nonsense to throw the perfect party and then let it get ruined by rain.

Lauren Conrad also knows that our computers and television are sometimes wrong in regards to the weather. That is why her second suggestion is to plan for bad weather. Even if the forecast does not say it will rain, mother nature acts on her own many times. The way to prepare for this is to put tents up and the tables under the tents. Make sure the tents are secure. No rain? That’s great! Your guest are now protected from the hot sun.

Another suggestion would be to hire 23 Layers, which is a wonderful event planning company based in New York City. 23 Layers has individuals that watch the weather days and weeks before all upcoming parties. This company contacts the customers if it looks like rain. The customers will then have the choice of having the party or canceling it.

Even if it is raining, 23 Layers will provide every customer with all the tents they need to keep the customers dry. Even better, they will make sure the tents match the party in color and in style. These services come at an extremely low price. With that being said, it would be wise for you to include 23 Layers within your party plans. You will not regret it. Every review ever given regarding this company has been positive.

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