Bruce Katzen: New Laws for Nursing Homes

Bruce Katzen is an influential lawyer who is based in Miami at the moment. After practicing his career for a very long time, the litigator has emerged as one of the best in the country, and he has received several awards. Bruce Katzen got his expertise in the legal world after attending prestigious universities in the world. Follow this link to see his educational background. People who have interacted with the lawyer say that he is patient with his clients. In all the cases he has handled in the past, Bruce Katzen believes in delivering the best services. The lawyer recently addressed an issue that has been giving senior members of the community so many problems.

Senior adults deserve the correct care so that they live normal lives even in their old age. There are many nursing homes in the United States, but getting a facility that will give you long term care has proven to be a hard task. Apart from looking at the cost and the quality of healthcare you will be receiving, it is paramount for families to be aware of the recourse when something bad happens. According to Bruce Katzen, most of the long term nursing facilities make sure that the resident; together with several members of the family sign a unique contract before any admission is done. Due to these contracts, when a conflict arose, the families were not able to take the healthcare center to the court of law. Some of the crucial issues that can arise and cause problems for the residents include death, neglect and even abuse. See more highlights here

Bruce Katzen believes that families should not be blocked from seeking justice when an injustice has been committed. The lawyer has announced that very soon, members of the society will have these rights. The regulation from the department of human services and health, clearly indicates that nursing home contracts should be amended so that the rights of the senior members of the society can be protected. The residents of the nursing homes will benefit significantly from the new regulations that have just been introduced into the legal department. Bruce encourages families of the residents to consult professionals before taking any actions.

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Rocketship Education: An Exemplary Embodiment of Education

Founded by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006, The non-profit chartered schools based in Redwood City, California continues to pinpoint their teachings based on the growth and achievements of the disadvantaged students. Rocketship education utilizes the amalgamation of learning by using class room teaching ergo small groups and online learning. Rocketship Education furthermore hugely focuses on passing education to students from low-income families consequently eliminating the rapidly expanding Achievement gap. the smooth running of Rocketship Education only proves that the collaborative model of education serves as a no brainer for the new generation students.

Academic assessments made it clear that Rocketship Education has been significantly helpful in disadvantaged areas nourishing academic growth by putting up shops aiding scholars from the area. The frequency that Rocketship Education is using trying to close the achievement gap is quite noticeable compared to others, Moreover, due to their intense focus into the development of the student, Rocketship Education provides very detailed information on a student growth at a said year. This significantly helps all parties, the student, teachers and parents, as the progress, development and achievements are noted duly. With that, Rocketship Education has NWEA an exact tool that helps in the issuing of the detailed information of the said rocketeer. See more in this article.

Educators championing Rocketship Education work strongly in the belief that cultivation and identification of dreams vastly aid the rocketeer in claiming theirs inbuilt true potential to be able to reach for their goals, and way beyond stereotypes. In addition to the system allows the students to focus on his or her talent significantly at the same time creating enough time for the building and development of his or her career. This approach adamantly helps the rocketeer to have an assemblage of choices and when he or she is running his or her career.

As the school system growth, its inevitable that the Rocketeer is growing as Rocketship Education brings and offers up to date education with outmost and total participation of the student plus supporting, nursing and aiding the rocketeer’s views and ideas giving the students sense of belonging.

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Marc Beers Renovia Inc. Raises $42 Million For Women’s Health

Marc Beers Renovia Inc. Raises $42 Million For Women’s Health

While Renovia Inc. may not be the biggest name in women’s help at the moment, but it looks like it’s set to expand massively over the next few months. Headed by Marc Beer, the company recently closed a $32 million Series B round; the women’s health start-up also raised a further $10 million in venture debt. Based in Boston, the MedTech company already has a variety of products in development; according to reports, a number of these are already most of the way through their development and the funding should be enough to get them to market.

The majority of these products target a variety of pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence. Many estimates put the amount of women affected by these disorders at 250 million worldwide. While not much is known about the products that Renovia Inc and Marc Beer are currently working on, it is known that one of these is the second generation of their Leva device; the original Leva was approved by the FDA in April 2018. According to reports, there are three other products currently in development, although not much is known about them.

Speaking about the investment that Renovia Inc received, Marc Beer has said that he’s delighted to have such experienced medtech investors on board. He has said that each of these investors share the same vision for the industry as Renovia Inc. This vision is aimed toward providing better diagnostic equipment and treatments for women around the world, as well as improving their overall quality of life.

Mr. Beer has also said that the new funding will go to combine Renovia Inc.’s innovative and proprietary sensor technologies with a new digital platform to better help patients and medical practitioners. This digital health platform is set to help inform and improve new treatment options while deepening the overall knowledge-base available to medical practitioners treating these diseases. Marc Beer has also said that this should also end up reducing overall health costs for women affected by pelvic floor disorders.

The Longwood Fund was one of the main investors in the Series B round; the Fund has also been a regular supporter of Renovia Inc. since it was first founded. The Longwood Fund was also joined by Perceptive Advisors, who are based in New York. Missouri-based Ascension Ventures was also one of the major investors in the Series B round. It’s currently unclear if Renovia Inc. will be going through any other investment rounds in the future.

Marc Beer is the Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Renovia Inc. He has over two decades of experience in the MedTech industry. He also has experience focusing on the pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic industries. Learn more:

JHSF is currently under CEO Jose Auriemo Neto

JHSF is a leading real estate development company which targets high-income estate earners in Brazil. The company is involved in the development of residential and commercial properties for sale. JHSF has gained prominence due to its ability to come up with innovations that have never been used before and the ability to identify business opportunities that can create a significant difference in the way real estate development is done in Brazil. In the past few decades, the company has identified new frontiers of a real estate development in shopping centers, luxury hotels, and executive airport. Besides, the company has been doing residential and commercial projects such as the development of office buildings. The company has also embraced technology as a key component of real estate development.

JHSF was established in 1972 by two brothers who had a focus on hospitality, real estate, incorporation, and shopping centers. The company has also improved investments in projects that create recurring income. In recent times, the company has embraced new real estate markets in other countries such as the United States and Uruguay. JHSF is the first Brazilian company to embrace sustainability by creating projects that emphasize recurring income. The fact that they have developed huge real estate projects such as shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, airports and residential real estate is an indication that had gained sufficient popularity in the country. Currently, the company has managed to build real estate projects that cover over six million square meters.

When JHSF was founded in 1972 by Jose Roberto Auriemo and Fabio Auriemo, the primary target was to engage in incorporation and construction business. In 1990 the company was split into two with each of the brothers taking a share of the original business. In 1993, the son of Jose Roberto Auriemo joined the real estate company to help his father to manage it.

The leadership of this company has managed to expand significantly and is now recognized as the top real estate company in Brazil. JHSF has completed the construction of major real estate projects such as the Cidade Jardim complex, one of the real estate projects considered to be the greatest in the country. The company has contributed to the development of numerous high-end real estate projects in the disk of Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus. To know more about the company click here.