Victoria Doramus For Recovery of Animals

Victoria Doramus is a supporter and advocate for Best Friends Animal Society, an animal sanctuary for pets that would otherwise be euthanized by a kill-shelter. Best Friends Animal Society operates on the principle that all animals deserve to be cared for and live out full lives regardless of their condition at abandonment. The goal of this animal welfare society is to work to end the solution of euthanizing animals by connecting animal shelters and rescue groups in order to coordinate greater numbers of adoption, educate the general public, and raise funds for their cause. Best Friends Animal Society was started in the 1980’s in response to the widespread practice of killing animals to control the number of surrendered pets and strays.

A group of individuals decided to bring abandoned animals to a safe location to be cared for. The result was that these animals recovered from their conditions and many were adopted. Eventually, the group organized into what is now Best Friends Animal Society, which operates as a non-profit entity. Consistently, the animals being brought there are being given medical treatment as well as nurturing care. This is in large part why Victoria Doramus is a personal supporter, as the organization strives to promote the principle that all animals are deserving of love and recovery similar to humans. As a recovering addict herself, she realized the importance of helping others and that extended to animals. She shared her feelings about her personal journey in a blog post on Medium centered around addiction.

Aloha Construction Provides The Highest Quality Construction Services

The Aloha Construction company provides a variety of construction services to the northern Illinois area. Their services range from roofing, siding and even gutter repair. They are quick to respond after large storms sweep through the area and want to see their fellow members of the community back on their feet and in their own homes as quickly as possible.

In addition to addressing needs on the exterior of the home, Aloha Construction will address the interior of your home as well. Simply sit down with one of the friendly technicians who will provide you with an absolutely free in home assessment for services ranging from carpet to upholstery cleaning. They perform services for both residential and commercial clients and guarantee that all cleaned surfaces are dry within 48 hours. Have you always dreamed of having a great finished basement but worried about the possibility of flooding or mold? The Aloha Construction team is more than capable of taking this unused space and turning it into one of the focal points of your home. This will quickly become the new meeting spot for all of your friends and family to watch the big game or just hang out! Another great feature of Aloha Construction is their ability to offer financing on their services.

This means that all of the money for these projects does not have to be provided up front. Instead, the customer can make reasonable payments over time that meet their budgets. Aloha Construction also feels strongly compelled to give back to the community which has given them such great business over the years. They accomplished this by donating a First Responder Truck to the local chapter of the American Red Cross. It is their hope that they will be able to help more individuals in the community with their shared goal of rebuilding when disaster strikes.



Academy of Art University Revamp Classic Car Collection with Sale to Mecum’s Auction

What do you know about classic cars? Whether you answered everything or nothing, The Academy of Art University wants to teach you and the rest of the public more very soon. Previously used for studying purposes for car design and restoration students, the Academy of Art’s collection of classic cars will soon be opened for all to see as a museum.

Since 1929, The Academy of Art University has inspired the people of San Francisco to learn about art and sharpen their creative minds. The school began with 45 students who were taught in a loft by Richard S. Stephens, then the Art Director for Sunset Magazine. Not too long after, the small school became the large University that it is today. Throughout its growth, it has experienced many changes, but one in particular came about when the school was under the leadership of the founder’s son, Richard A. Stephens. Mr. Stephens’s love of cars moved him to add a transportation and design department and also a classic car collection in 1951.

Fast forward 67 years, and now The Academy of Art University’s campus welcomes over 14,000 students who choose to major in an array of studies from acting, to illustration, and writing for film, television, and digital media. Today, the school is also gearing up to welcome the public eye to the collection of classic cars Richard A. Stephens began. Before they do so, several of the pre-war cars will be sold to Mecum’s Auction in Monterey, California, to freshen up the collection for the students and the public. In case you have instantly gained an interest in classic while reading this and want to purchase one, the cars on the list to be sold include a 1929 Duesenburg Model J convertible sedan, a 1932 Packard Eight 902 Coupe, and a 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K cabriolet B amongst a few others.

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Academy Of Art University Opening The Doors To Its Car Museum

The Academy of Art is an art school in San Francisco, California, founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. Stephens was the art director for Sunset Magazine, and alongside his wife he started the academy with 45 students. From humble beginnings, the school has now approximately 12,600 students that are being taught by close to 300 full-time teachers.

The school continued to grow and expand along the years, in 1977 offering a Master of Fine Arts degree for the first time, and in 1985 gaining accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The current President of the school is the granddaughter of founder Richard S. Stephens, Elisa Stephens. Under her leadership, the institute has constantly strived for progress, in 2002 ushering in a new digital age and offering an innovative online arts education.

The University’s mission has been to prepare aspiring professionals in a number of different fields, from design, communications and art. They teach a disciplined approach to the study of art and design while at the same time encouraging students to grow and develop their own personal style in a creative environment. Fostering optimum quality in all aspects of programs and services has been a constant goal, as well as stimulating and developing students into emerging artists.


Academy of Arts University also owns and operates an automobile museum, which possesses around 250 vintage cars, including very rare and valuable models, approximately half of the cars being owend by the university. The collection that the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum has was valued at more than $70 million by Forbes.

Recently, the university announced the opening of its collection as a public museum. In the past, the collection has only been available by appointment, or to students who were interested in car design and restoration. According to the University’s President, the collection consists primarily of pre-war vehicles, which benefits fashion-design students. At the same time, the selling of these vehicles could make room for more contemporary vehicles, which will assist the teaching of design and restoration to interested students who are looking to become automotive interior designers after their graduations.

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Shiraz Boghani: Humble Beginnings Take Goal-Getters to the Top

Being accomplished in business is something Shiraz Boghani knows very well. He gets much fulfillment from his business career since it’s what he wanted to do since he was young. Nature has a way of making whatever one is passionate about come true. Shiraz knows the power that the humble beginnings have. He didn’t start his academic career from a world-class university or college. He went to a small firm that deals with accounting for his accounting studies in the United Kingdom. If people were to judge his greatness based on the standard of the university or college Shiraz attended, they couldn’t have expected him rise to higher levels in business. He chose to advance his accounting career at Thomson McLintock.

Although he didn’t start his career in a big way, Shiraz Boghani has worked in and for some big companies. He has also held some senior positions throughout his career. He worked hard to see Soujorns Hotels LLP founded and established. As the chairman of this company, Shiraz has helped it to acquire tremendous growth. He got his fellowship from the Wales and England Chartered Accountants. He serves in other famous companies like The Splendid Hotels Group. When Sussex Healthcare Limited was being founded, Shiraz was one of the committed founders. Besides being the founder of this great and noble company, he also serves as the chairman.

People who make great and stunning contributions to the community receive honorary awards. Shiraz Boghani is one person who has won several awards due to his immense achievements in the business world. He was at Asian Business Award to receive the Hotelier of the Year award in 2016. Most people know he has made the hotel industry a great sector through his numerous contributions.

If you ever came across successful business people who know how to support their community, Shiraz was probably the person you met. The Ismaili community has benefited a lot from his numerous voluntary roles. As the Resource Development Convener of the National Council, Shiraz Boghani has left a tangible legacy in the community. One of the positions Shiraz has held at Sussex Healthcare is being a joint chairman of the company. He ensured the patients in the United Kingdom received high-quality health care from any of the nursing homes the company has established.

Herbalife Nutrition Products That Will Enhance Your Physical Fitness

Herbalife is a leading nutrition company that offers quality nutrition products to athletes. Their comprehensive nutrition product line ensures that your athletic performance is enhanced 24 hours a day. Herbalife is keen to make sure that your before, during and after workout needs are well taken care of. The following products are customized to meet your day to day needs based on the levels of activity you have involved in as well as your training demands.


  1. CR7 Drive

CR7 Drive


This is a carbohydrate drink suitable for drinking during training or work out. It helps to maintain endurance performance, especially during prolonged exercise sessions.


It contains 320mg of electrolytes, glucose, and carbohydrate blend all in one to fuel your workouts and enhance hydration.


  1. Formula 1 Sport

Formula 1 Sport


Herbalife offers yet another quality product formula 1 sport which takes care of your dietary needs and is meant to sustain energy, boost immune function as well as maintain muscle mass.


It can be taken anytime during the day.


  1. Prepare



Prepare will enable you to prepare for your activity by boosting nitric production as well as supporting blood flow to the muscles.


The creatine supports your body’s flexibility to enable you to handle explosive muscular movements.


  1. Restore



Restore was developed by sports nutrition experts. It was formulated for athletes who look to get stronger and fitter. It contains 200mg of vitamin c that helps to maintain the normal functioning of the immune system when training and afterward as well as vitamin A to support the immune system.


Moreover, it contains 100% RDA for Vitamin C and Vitamin E.


  1. Rebuild Strength

Rebuild Strength


Rebuild strength is designed to be used after anaerobic exercise and its content includes 25g protein for lean muscle mass growth and maintenance. Anyone who goes to the gym and lifts weight, athlete, footballer among others can use this product.


  1. Achieve



Finally, this is another product from Herbalife which is rich in proteins, energy and natural ingredients. The proteins, whey and milk proteins, supports the growth of lean muscle. It also helps you gain the energy you need for your daily activities. Other contents include fiber from tapioca, dark chocolate, cashews as well as coconut oils.



Malcolm CasSelle and WAX

OPSkins is an international leader when it comes to in-game virtual assets sales. Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins. In addition to this, Malcolm is a well-known merchant in the world in bitcoin business. With a following of users from across the world who are often making cross-border micro-payments, the company becomes the best candidate when it comes to market size as well as user demand for a devolved protocol. Even though OPSkins is the leader in the virtual assets’ centralized marketplace, there are challenges to the technological capacity of any integrated technology, and this makes virtual assets’ decentralized marketplace to be the next natural step in the process.

The founders of OPSkin are introducing a new virtual asset trading blockchain platform called WAX (World Asset eXchange). The platform which is a P2P marketplace for people to trade virtual assets is built on a foundation of decentralized smart contracts and blockchain which will enable sellers and buyers of trade efficiently the virtual holdings with each other.

WAX can solve two major problems related to virtual asset markets, fraud, and fragmentation. WAX does with by using a simple widget that is enabled by blockchain that allows users to instantly sell and buy virtual products without login out of the game. Within the present trading ecosystem of virtual assets, there is a hodgepodge of regional and local marketplaces that are confined at the onset because of the security concerns and the language used to process the payment that seems to restrict some users to their regions or countries. The only solution to this challenge is blockchain and Wax will allow sellers and buyers to tokenize effectively and trade their assets in a fraud-free environment that is supported by the blockchain.

The platform of WAX allows users to have their gaming assets tokenized as well as instantly sell and buy from others without switching off the screen. The widget of WAX enables all users to purchase assets immediately from one another without problems. In addition to this, WaX can handle the problem of geographical fragmentation. The WAX token is a regular currency for everybody gaming, and it eliminates forex issues that presently affect the markets of virtual assets.

Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties Growing very Fast in The Middle East

From the time he was three working with his father in their watch shop, it was always clear that Hussain Sajwani was a natural entrepreneur. Today, the 60-year-old investor is chairman and founder of DAMAC Properties, one of the largest property development companies in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani was born in the United Arab Emirates. He attended the University of Washington and graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Industrial Engineering. After a short stint as Contracts Manager at GASCO, Sajwani opened his first catering venture in 1982. The astute businessman would grow the business to more than 200 outlets across the Middle East, Africa, and the CIS.

According to, at the start of the 1990’s Hussain Sajwani delved into the investment industry, founding DICO Investments Co LLC. Currently, DICO has AED billion worth of assets in various sectors. In the mid 90’s, Sajwani built several luxury hotels in the UAE to accommodate visitors into the country. One of Hussain Sajwani’s most successful investments is DAMAC properties. Founded in 2002, DAMAC has undergone rapid development and is now publicly traded on the Dubai Financial Markets. The company has so far delivered close to 20,000 units in the luxury homes industry and is developing 44,000 new ones. DAMAC is working with Donald Trump’s the Trump Organization to develop and manage a luxury golf course designed by Tiger Woods. Besides this collaboration, DAMAC has also partnered with other top brands such as Bugatti, Versace, Fendi, and Paramount Hotels and Resorts.

Hussain has interests in other investments too including Al Jazeira Services, Al Amana Building Materials, and Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. He also supports charitable organizations and causes that foster innovation and entrepreneurship among the youth. Hussain Sajwani has a wife and for children. Together with his family, he lives in Dubai.


Take Advantage of the Experience and Knowledge of HCR Wealth Advisors

Planning retirement can be really complicated and a challenge for someone without any financial knowledge or background. Most people think hiring a financial planner is a waste of money, but it can actually be one of the most profitable decisions that you could make. It would help you get deep and professional insight on how to plan your finances and retirement. As the financial market is unpredictable and filled with numerous investment products, it is necessary to get some professional insight into what to invest in and stay away from. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that has been in business since 1988. They offer a wide range of investment advisory services to their clients.

HCR Wealth Advisors has a team of investment advisors who work tirelessly to craft financial and investment strategies that can meet the expectations of the clients. It is not possible for people to build a financial strategy that would protect their finances at all times, and to create a flowchart of where to invest and when, a bit of professional help is needed. According to Nasdaq, this is where HCR Wealth Advisors comes in, and the company’s experience of three decades adds credibility to its name and the services it provides. Investment planning can be really tricky if you do not have a good knowledge of how the financial markets work, but HCR Wealth Advisors helps you plan your retirement in a dedicated manner. The company can also help you through the different life transitions financially, starting with family planning, college fund for children, retirement planning, inheritance, and more.

The advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors are easy to talk to, and they are patient. They believe in listening to their clients even if they are not sure what they want. They help constructively strategize their needs and then find the best solution for their financial needs. They are ready to answer any questions that their clients might have. As per Whale Wisdom, they also offer clients the ability to monitoring their portfolios and ensure that their clients are provided with latest updates about their account.

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Financial Advice Is Ted Bauman’s Area Of Expertise

When it comes to generosity, there are few in the investment industry that will go as far as Ted Bauman. With more than 20 years of experience under his belt in the financial industry working at the executive level for various different companies, Ted is a well-respected veteran. Ted is also well-known for his work as an editor for the Banyan Hill Publishing company, where he gives his perspective and strategies through weekly publications.

Ted is an early starter when it comes to his work, starting each day early to get a headstart on whats happening in the financial world. This not only lets him get through his work faster in the day, but he can inform his readers on a much better schedule. According to Ted, time management is a critical aspect of having a successful career in the investment industry. In an interview with Ideamensch, Ted explained that he is impressed with the number of investors out there questioning the investment markets and he hopes this trend continues to go on, creating new changes in the global markets.

Ted Bauman regularly goes over tips on how to protect wealth while investing to his many readers on Banyan Hill. The market will always experience issues as time goes on and it is important to notice these issues so that the proper precautions can be taken. Ted Bauman believes that a balanced portfolio that is well spread out is key to increasing performance and gains when it comes to stocks. Various stocks and bonds are good tools for diversifying a portfolio and also protect against drastic changes in the market.

When it comes to the financial industry, things are always changing and the market is always fluctuating. Ted Bauman is experienced enough to work through this behavior and make the most out of his investments, which is why he is a highly regarded editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Ted Bauman gets started on his work extra early each day to keep up with his publications and keep his investors informed with the latest critical financial information.

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