Glen Wakeman: Assisting Small Businesses to Grow

Being a leader for more than 20 years, Glen Wakeman is recognized as one of the most successful financial executives in America. During the height of his career, he became vital to every company’s dream of success. He has a strong passion for helping business owners and other entrepreneurs in making their business grow. Glen Wakeman introduced a five-point rule to assure enterprises with success, and according to him, these five rules are leadership, human capital, execution, and governance. According to him, each of this point is essential to the growth of the company, and understanding these five would give anyone an edge in the world of business.



Glen Wakeman established Nova Four, an investment and financial firm that help small businesses to gain access to capital funding and other influences that they need to transform their business. He is also serving as the firm’s president, overseeing all of the operations happening inside the company. He is currently focusing on how to teach small time business people in investing in other investments that can be a great help to the firm. Every technique that Glen Wakeman wanted to show his readers can be found on his website. He also has a vast collection of video that the visitors can watch whenever they are having doubts about his business style (Crunchbase).



Glen Wakeman worked with several companies in the past, but he never felt the contentment that he is longing for. He decided to focus his career on becoming an executive with some of the best companies in the United States, but that too did not work out well. Glen Wakeman decided to become an entrepreneur instead and started his own business. Today, Nova Four is performing well, and the firm has already changed the lives of thousands. Glen Wakeman is also considering to share further the five points that he is following for him to have a good life. As a hard-working executive, he stated that he deserves a great vacation sometimes.


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Dr. Mark Holterman, the Renowned Pediatrician

About Dr. Mark Holterman


Dr. Mark Holterman is an award-winning Paediatric surgeon who is the founder and CEO of Mariam Global Health. The doctor attended the Yale University where he pursued a Biology major and graduated in 1980. He further extended on pediatrician study at the University of Virginia where he attained his PhD and MD. Dr. Mark also advanced his studies in the University of Virginia Health Sciences where he completed a residency in General Surgery. Currently, the doctor has over 29 years experience which makes him one of the most qualified pediatricians in the medical field.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s Career


Dr. Mark Holterman is a highly qualified doctor who is board certified in his specialties by the American Board of Specialties. His main specialties are pediatric surgery and general surgery. A Pediatric Surgeon is a qualified medical doctor who has had additional years of advanced training in the medical school to deal with children. The general surgery specialty is where the doctor has additional training in specific areas of surgery. Again, Dr. Mark Holterman is not only a surgeon but has been a professor and a medical scientist as well.


Moreover, Dr. Mark Holterman is a retired professor from the University of Illinois College of Medicine-Peoria. Also, the doctor subscribes to several professional organizations such as American College of Surgeons, and American Academy of Pediatrics and others. Equally important the renowned doctor is a leader in the medical field and has previously served at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital as the surgeon in chief besides being affiliated with some hospitals. Further, Dr. Mark Holterman has received numerous awards including America’s Top Doctors, Patients’ Choice Award, among others (


Dr. Mark Holterman is passionate about his work, and this is why he established the famous fund drive ‘the Mariam Global Health Fund’. What’s more, the doctor’s passion for medicine has seen him work on research on cancer treatment, stem cell therapy, and obesity (Doximity). Additionally, Dr. Mark Holterman is a family man who has a wife Ai-Xuan with whom they married in 1988. The two have three sons namely; Nathan, Alex, and Isaac.


Why Perry Mandera Cares About Chicago

Custom Cares Charities is an amazing organization founded by Perry Mandera with the goal of always doing the right thing, and doing the utmost best to give back to the community. In 2013 Perry Mandera was without a doubt honored that Custom Cares Charities was able to provide help to victims in the Washington Tornado by providing transportation, and several necessary supplies to aid the victims in their recovery (Behance).


Perry Mandera with pure dedication also aided relief victims in hurricane Katrina by providing more than 40 truckloads of supplies, and food throughout Louisiana, and Mississippi. Who really is Perry Mandera though you might ask? Has he always had the strong commitment to help others? Yes, Perry Mandera is a man who cares even before creating Custom Cares Charities. After graduating public high school Perry Mandera served in the U.S. Marine Corps where he also learned to drive a truck, and received an Honorable Discharge for his service.


Perry Mandera’s journey did not stop there. At 23 years of age Perry started his own transportation company, and later on Mr. Mandera went on to serve for the 26th ward as a Republican Ward Committeeman for over 4 years.


After finishing his term Mr. Mandera continued in his efforts to aid human kind–he then launched The Custom Companies, inc. which provides a huge variety of Logistic services in terms of transportation starting from February 1986 to date. Mr. Mandera’s Custom Companies not only generated over 200 million dollars in revenue, but also gave hundreds of people job opportunities as his employees.


Being the inspirational leader that he is Perry Mandera has donated countless resources to several charity organizations that focuses on serious issues arising on a global scale such as cancer cures, and prevention as well several children’s organizations.


Mr. Mandera also strongly believes in helping veterans, and providing emotional as well as education support for our youth today.

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Stream Energy Celebrates Illinois Energy Services Launch. Announces New Sales Leadership

Amid last week’s celebration at Navy Pier in Chicago of Stream Energy’s market entry, the company announced several exciting management additions.


Steve Fisher’s assumption of his new role as Chief Sales Officer was announced as well as Ryan Morris’ promotion to Vice President of Sales.


Fisher comes to Stream Energy bringing management experience at the corporate level of American Airlines, where his responsibilities included being an analyst of airport operations.


One of the key figures in Stream Energy’s founding, Steve Fisher’s promotion is to one of the most senior level positions within the firm, making Fisher one of the highest paid members of the company. Among Fisher’s accomplishments, he was responsible for mentoring the firm’s Independent Associates and he has served as a member of Stream Energy’s trusted advisory committee to Stream Energy’s executive management.


This promotion builds upon Morris’ outstanding reputation for his leadership abilities and his setting a record for the shortest time for promotion to a high management position in Stream Energy’s history. Prior to his promotion, Ryan Morris functioned as a high achieving leader of Stream Energy’s Associate division.


These key additions to the management team come shortly after Stream Energy’s announced their expansion into the Delaware consumer energy market, following their launch of their Energy Services offering.


Commenting on Fisher’s and Morris’ new roles, President and CEO Larry Mondry shared his enthusiasm for the field leadership they bring to the company, adding that Fisher and Morris bring valuable perspective and knowledge to implementing Stream Energy’s vision and the company’s strategic contributions to the global renewable energy sector.


Stream Energy


A provider of several consumer energy services that include wireless, protection services and related home services, Stream Energy delivers renewable energy solutions globally, meeting the underserved demand in deregulated energy markets.


Headquartered in Dallas, TX, the company was officially launched in March 2005 (Crunchbase). The firm differentiates itself from other energy businesses by marketing their energy products directly to consumers through a large network of Independent Associates.


Stream’s services are available throughout North America, with the company’s energy services currently available in Texas, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, and Delaware.

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Jorge Moll and Other Psychology Professionals Confirm that Giving is Good for You

It can be challenging to find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, especially during the holidays, but the rewards are beneficial for everyone involved. Studies are showing that you may receive just as much of a boost from giving as receiving.


It has been proven that giving actually makes humans happy. A Harvard Business School study conducted in 2008 by Michael Norton and his colleagues revealed that when people give money to others, they feel happier than they would if they kept the money and spent it on themselves. This was the case even when participants thought that keeping the money would make them happier.


Jorge Moll and colleagues further explored this theory and found that the positive feelings we have when giving are part of human biology. The study was conducted t the National Institutes of Health, and assert that people feel a “warm glow” effect or “helper’s high” when they donate to charities. This is because the part of the brain that responds to pleasure and social connection is activated during the giving process.


Giving can also have a positive effect on our overall health. Several research studies over the years have made the connection between improved health and being generous, even among those who are sick or elderly. Author Stephen Post, a preventive medicine professor who wrote Why Good Things Happen to Good People, stated that helping others improved the health of people with conditions like HIV and multiple sclerosis (JorgeMoll).


University of California Berkeley professor Doug Oman also conducted a study in 1999 that showed that elderly individuals who volunteered for two or more charitable organizations increased their chances of living by 44 percent over a five year period when compared to their peers who did not volunteer. A 2003 study by Stephanie Brown of the University of Michigan also confirmed that individuals who helped their family members and friends often or provided emotional support to their spouses were at a lower risk of dying over a period of five years than those who did not.


It’s easy to see that giving can be good for us, which may serve as motivation to keep doing good deeds or to take up a worthy cause to better ourselves and the community.

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WebMD Joins Hands with Cancer Treatment Centers of America for Cancer Education

Cancer Treatment Centers of America works hard to end ignorance of this killer disease. Cancer education is an important part of this leading cancer organization’s services. While CTCA always provides onsite cancer education to their many grateful patients and the families that support them, these individuals still might research their medical questions online. For this reason, CTCA has given some of their latest cancer information to another trustworthy source of credible medical information. This Internet site is WebMD, and CTCA hopes that the new partnership will get more accurate cancer statistics, symptoms, treatment options, drug information and more cancer related details out to the public that uses the Internet.

Accurate cancer information can lead to less mortality rates of cancer victims. When cancer is diagnosed in its earlier stages, patients have a much better chance to recover and beat this disease. Cancer care is evolving rapidly as cancer experts discover new ways to fight the progressive disease. So many patients that have had curious symptoms just didn’t realize that these adverse symptoms might be cancer related. Cancer Treatment Centers of America doesn’t want more people to die due to not having credible details regarding cancer symptoms and other topics.

WebMD has long written timely articles on various medical topics. Even medical and nursing professionals use this site sometimes to research a medical issue. It is this longstanding record of accurate medical reporting that CTCA has decided to join hands with WebMD to get more information out to the public at large that is already actively researching their medical questions on this site. WebMD also has the ability to use common English to describe medical conditions so individuals can readily comprehend the words. When patients and their families get information at their doctor appointments, they are often embarrassed to state that they do not understand a lot of the medical terminology typically used in healthcare circles.


Having a safe and up-to-date place to read about cancer topics is exciting for many. WebMD currently has several nicely written articles straight from Cancer Treatment Centers of America experts. Both of these incredible healthcare education sources believe that teaming up together can benefit many in the public that currently don’t have other ways to get information. These two healthcare educators fervently believe that inaccurate medical information can be especially dangerous with regards to cancer. Prompter cancer treatment still remains the best chance patients have.

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Jason Hope and Anti Aging Research

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has been focusing a lot of research in the prevention of age related conditions and how to prevent them. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes. As an Arizona-based entrepreneur on the internet, Mr. Jason Hope has been investing a lot of his own money into the initiatives which influence many anti-aging causes. Hope has placed a lot of his time and energy into the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation was formed in 2009, and has been fighting age-related diseases head on ever since. The SENS Foundation has been the inspiration for the rejuvenation of biotechnology since its inaugural year in 2009.

In 2010, Jason Hope became involved with the SENS Foundation, with his half a million dollar donation. With the funds Hope contributed, the foundation has been enabled to provide and establish its Cambridge SENS laboratory which has been able initiate many new research initiatives. Jason plans to donate another $1 million to further assist these initiatives.

Jason Hope holds great belief and faith in the SENS Foundation, which is why he donates so much of his own money to its causes. He beliefs that the use of biotechnology research is a way of preventing age related disease from occurring, which will result in a longer, higher quality, of live being lived as we age. The purpose behind the SENS Foundation is to find methods to repair the damage before is can become a deadly pathogen.

Hope isn’t by himself in this crusade against age related disease. There are several of the world’s wealthiest innovators who are also joining Hope in donating funds to anti-aging attempts. The co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, has also donated $3.5 million to help fund the SENS Foundation in many of their pilot projects. Also, during the pas years he has donated several other large sums of cash to aid in the organization’s completion of projects.

Jason Hope was born in Tempe, Arizona and studied finance while attending Arizona State University. Later attending the W.P. Carey School of Business to earn his MBA. Hope has acquired for himself the character for being a prototype to all futurists, in which he holds clear a compassion for understanding as well as having a passion for technology. Jason Hope has a firm belief the the process of bring an idea to life should be done on a simplistic manner, that is is only a wasted time and effort to make the process a complex one.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Changes Bodies to Change Medicine

Dr. Jennifer Walden spent long hours and years perfecting her craft as a physician that specializes in cosmetic surgery. With 5 years of post-med and 1 to 2 years of the fellowship most surgeons undergo, Dr. Walden went to New York practice surgery.

After 8 years Dr. Walden moved back to her roots, Austin, Texas, to raise her new twin little boys. Being a woman and going through experiences like pregnancy and birth, Dr. Walden believes she has a strong empathetic connection to them. There are approximately 8,100 cosmetic surgeons in the United States, only 851 of them are women. With the field of cosmetic surgery being predominately male, she believes she can give a little more than some of her male colleagues. Of the percent of all cosmetic surgeries that are done, 91 percent of them are on women. Being someone who underwent cosmetic surgery herself she relates to her patients extremely well.

Dr. Walden believes a doctors job is to make patients happy and feel better mentally and physically. Cosmetic surgery does just that. It has a way of helping individuals who may have felt trapped inside their body to now have a new sense of confidence. Confidence and self-esteem are linked to overall health. Less stress in the mind reduces the presence of illness. She performs different types of surgeries such as liposuctions, breast augmentations, face-lifts, eyelid lifts, and rhinoplasties, Botox, and soft-tissue filler injections.

Currently residing in Austin, Texas the thought of this city is quite liberal. She has many patients looking to take their bodies to places they can freely enjoy. Dr. Walden recognizes these are extreme surgeries and will refuse a surgery if she believes it will not succeed. However, when possible she loves to help patients reach their best emotional and physical health.