Imran Haque Cares About His Patients

Doctors will often have hobbies outside of the world of medicine that they like to take on, and Imran Haque is no exception to that. This doctor is someone who likes to live life in his free time, and he does that by participating in a variety of sports. When asked what he likes to do for fun, He shared that he is a fan of all kinds of sports and that he enjoys participating in fantasy leagues. He believes that sports are something that bring people together, and he likes them because of that. In addition to enjoying sports, Imran Haque also is someone who enjoys setting off on trips and spending time traveling.

There is advice that can be passed on from one doctor to another, and Imran Haque is someone who has advice to share for those younger doctors who are looking to make it. When he was given the chance to give out advice in an interview that was completed with him, he shared that he thinks that younger people should view their patients as people. He shared that it is easy to get caught up in looking at the illnesses that a person is facing and figuring out how best to deal with those, and that sometimes a doctor will forget that he is treating an actual person.

Imran Haque is someone who is working for Horizon Internal Medicine. He is the kind of doctor who has the experience that he needs to take on the issues of all kinds of patients and to handle those issues well. He is someone who is committed to being kind and compassionate as he deals with each of the patients who come his way, and that helps him to be a doctor who is worthy of respect. Imran Haque is someone who truly cares about each person who comes to see him and more

Tony Petrello: Philanthropy Geared Towards Groundbreaking Research

Tony Petrello is not new in the field of philanthropy. He has been known to make generous contributions to charitable causes even long before he became the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. The philanthropic efforts have only increased astronomically since the birth of Tony Petrello’s daughter Carena. The eight-year-old daughter was born with a neurological condition that affects her brain’s ability to coordinate some functions such as eating, walking, and speaking. This has seen her not catch up with her other age mates in learning the basic functions. Tony Petrello however knows only too well that Carena is an embodiment of a miracle in his life. Only last year, Carena made a landmark achievement when she finally did learn to eat solid foods. With her condition she has to repeat the pattern several times to allow her brain recognize the pattern.

As soon as Carena was diagnosed with the condition, Tony Petrello began to notice the lack of research on the condition as they moved from doctor to doctor. While their daughter’s condition motivates both Tony and his wife Cynthia, it is the underresearched nature of the conditions that need to be considered as an emergency. In a bid to address the inadequacy of research, Tony and his wife have decided to be more generous and support research work on the topic. They have already made a hefty donation worth 5 million dollars towards supporting new research. This has been followed up with a pledge to contribute 2 million dollars more to the same cause. Earlier on in 2006, he had donated another huge sum of money. Tony Petrello hasn’t had the need to find research institutions to fund any further than Texas Children’s Hospital. He has been leading fundraising efforts to support this cause.

Tony Petrello graduated from Yale University with a degree in mathematics and another second degree in law from Harvard University. Instead of pursuing a career in any of this fields to the bitter end, Tony Petrello opted to change tack and pursue a career in the oil industry. After a few years in a law firm as managing partner, Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991. He started as a member of the board and executive committee of the company. In 2003 he served the company as Deputy Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, positions he held until 2011 when he became the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries.

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Starting With $18 Billion Up Front

Dropping Down In Net Worth But For A Greater Cause

It’s clear what $18 billion given away as charity can do for the well-being of the world we live in. What difference will the money you make have? George is making huge headlines as he donates $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations and brings his total donations up to $32 billion in a lifetime.

The Open Society Foundations was started by George Soros.

The Agency works to ensure the future of democracy and the freedom people of all nations will have. It’s this agency that George Soros shares $18 billion in cash with, and the world is watching in awe. The sum he gave is dropping Mr. Soros’ net worth down 80 percent and in astounding fashion.

Bringing It Back Up Again

What the media isn’t talking about is the ability George Soros has in making billions all over again. The process he learned as a financial professional opened opportunities up to Soros that are still effective today. Wall Street is where he made it all and where he might turn to again to make it all back.

There are a few sure things about the success of George Soros and the direction it will go in. One is that retirement is a much more challenging concept to live than George is willing to admit. Should Mr. Sorso leave his philanthropy, it might come back calling to him like it has in the past.

The first steps he takes is a financial one that puts money in his hands.

A Secret Pattern Hard To Consider

The secret with George Soros is always a spectacular financial move. The public demonstration being made today is also held among our most exciting financial news of this generation. The work behind the media, which we’re not seeing in full sight, deals with a strategy put together by George Soros.

This strategy will make him or his family richer. The steps George is likely to take after is with charity and with improving the standing of his Open Society Foundations. There’s still time in Mr. Soros hands and a world of knowledge regarding the stock market. The potential for more success is also inevitable.

A Legacy Is Being Born

The legacy that George Soros gave birth to began in his youth. The dangers war brought into the world forced George to make an ultimate decision about himself. His passions worked to excel him and to pursue greater opportunities with finance. This was the start of a legacy that continues to live today.

It’s founded on the values of simply wanting more, and George has achieved that since.

The Exceptional Work By The American Institute Of Architects

Architects are the professionals who do all the design work during the construction of structures. American Institute of Architects is a non-governmental organization for architects in the United States. Its headquarters are located in the Washington D.C.The AIA provides education, community redevelopment, government advocacy and public outreach to support the architecture profession. The American Institute of Architects works together with other experts such as designers, technicians, and engineers in the building industry. The AIA was founded in New York City in 1857 by a group of 13 architects to advance scientific excellence.

AIA is not only concerned with unique designs of buildings but also design materials that promote safety, welfare, and health of the people. Architects support health by designing buildings with staircases which will encourage exercise. They can also design buildings which people living there can easily access fresh air, sunlight and clean water.

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AIA is governed by a board of directors and has over 200 employees who work full time. It also has 300 local and state components which are located in different parts such as Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Europe, United States and Japan. The organization has more than 90,000 licensed architects and associated professional are has several levels of membership which include architect members, associate members, international associate, Emeritus and Allied members. AIA serves the public by having community-based programs that work with local government to improve the design of public spaces and provide well designed affordable housing for all Americans.AIA has also offered architecture students with many web-based resources to help them develop their skills and knowledge in architectural designs.

Robert Ivy, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects, is a registered architect, a former magazine editor, and corporate executive. He was born in Columbus, Mississippi. Robert went to Sewanee University for his bachelor’s degree and later obtained his master’s degree in architecture from Tulane. Robert oversaw 33 publications in print and digital editions when he was the vice president and editorial director of Mc-Graw Hill Construction and Editor-in-chief of Architectural Record in 1996 to 2009 Ivy was awarded G.D Crain Award for lifetime contribution to editorial excellence in business media. He was also named Mater Architect in 2010 for his prowess in communicating the value of design. Robert is also a senior fellow of the Design Futures Council. He is an architect who encourages other architects to think far beyond their field so they can have impact on many areas of the society.

The Rebranding Of The American Institute Of Architects

The American Institute of architects prides itself on having more than 250 chapters and a membership of professionals that exceed 90,000. Many professionals focus on design are part of this institute; these individuals have been participating in the improvement of the built environment. Most of these professional’s form part of the members of the American Institute of professionals.

Robert Ivy is the serving vice president of the American Institute of Architects. Before assuming this role, Robert was part of the executive management team at McGraw. At McGraw, he served as both the president and director in charge of the company’s editorial team. Other than McGraw, Robert was the editor in chief at the architectural record magazine, a position he held thanks to his unwavering commitment to excellent architectural designs. During his service as the editor in chief, the architectural record magazine was able to scoop numerous awards such as the Premier Magazine Journalism Award and the American Society of Magazines Editors National Award.

As of now, Robert Ivy works at the American Institute of Architects which is a renowned institution for American licensed architects for both retired and practicing professionals. The membership of the American Institute of Professionals isn’t limited to licensed professionals as the membership is extended to both future and current company’s associates. In the institution’s headquarters located in Washington D.C., there are more than 200 members of highly qualified and committed personnel.

The American Institute of Architects provides services to its clients in the form of advocacy, providing architectural information and assisting local communities. Since Robert took over the executive position at the institution in 2011, there has been significant transformation on the firm and its ideologies. Some of the changes being witnesses are the shift in focus from being a wealthy heritage institution to more hands-on establishments capable of providing and leading in the transformation of the American architectural industry. One of Robert’s achievement at the institute has been the sensitization of the professionals and the public on the importance of both architects and quality design.

Robert has been able to make the American Institute of Architects streamline its services and decision-making process; this has ultimately led to better governance of the institution. Upon appointment to the position of the firm’s vice president, Robert has been carrying out a robust awareness campaign that is aimed at marketing the firm’s services to both American and foreign markets. He has been doing this through the use of digital technology his predecessors didn’t utilize.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America – To Screen or Not To Screen

Yes, folks, the American Urological Association has new news about prostate cancer that apply to men ages 55 to 69. It has been estimated that over 100,000 men in this country each year could put off a cancer screening once you reach a certain age. What this article is saying is that if you are a healthy man not over age 55, a prostate test could be harmed by an unnecessary treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America also suggest that prostate cancer screening for men over the age of 70 and older, is not required.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America says that new prostate guidelines mention that men 55 to 69 should discuss the benefits and harms with their doctors and that if men do choose screening, an interval of two years rather than annually would be better. Some medical professionals believe that the time has come to reflect on how men are screened for prostate cancer and take more selective approach in order to maximize the benefits and lower the harms.

Going forward, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has one good idea that concerns prostate treatments and screening, and that is finding a new name for the condition that affects many men in this country called low-grade prostate cancer. Doing this would actually alleviate some of the mental stress that comes when men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is also suggested that treatment centers take a more thoughtful approach to PSA screening that may have detected thousands of cases of prostate cancer over the years, but has also contributed thoughts and feelings to men that something needs to be done immediately.

Note: The bottom line is you don’t need to rush to treatment. Take your time and allow Cancer Treatment Centers of America to give you options.

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