The Academy of Art University and the Fashion Designers of Tomorrow

If you have any aspirations of becoming a fashion designer, you would most likely be interested in the Academy of Art University, a privately owned art school based in San Francisco, CA. The art school, which was established in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, recently held a runway showcase, featuring fashions created by university students. The showcase was part of the New York Fashion Week, which was held on September 9, 2017; it featured womenswear and menswear from university graduates and was judged by industry professionals, most notably Ms. J Alexander, best known for appearing on America’s Next Top Model.


Students enrolled in the Academy of Art University all have very diverse backgrounds, which contributed to the diverse fashion designs on display, ranging from trendy to avant-garde. One of the students in the showcase was Hailun Zhou from China; her design was a type of outerwear constructed from vinyl and PVC, which could be worn as separates or dresses. In addition, the showcase featured a design from U.S designer Eden Slezin, who attributed his look to an appreciation for vintage denim. The entire showcase could be summed up as a demarcation of diverse backgrounds, eclectic styles, and the imaginative use of fabrics to create not only clothing but also works of art.


The Academy of Art University is the brainchild of Richard S. Stephens, the former creative director of Sunset Magazine; the concept behind the university was to welcome aspiring students who truly had a passion for fashion and provide them with the skills necessary to become professionals in the fashion world. Additionally, Stephens believed that aspiring students shouldn’t be required to have an art portfolio to join the academy; instead, they should possess an unbridled conviction to share their work with the world. And with this as their foundation, students will be more adept at learning the skills needed to succeed in the fashion industry.


If this article has piqued your interest in fashion design, here are few things that may encourage you to join the Academy of Art University; the university has a reputation for staying abreast of industry trends, as well as new technologies. The university also has a total of 18,000 students, making it the largest private accredited university with a focus on art and design.


The Oxford Club Strategies For Retirement

The question regarding the amount of money in stocks necessary for retirement was brought up at the Oxford Club Private Wealth Seminar. The answer was dependent on portfolio size, monthly overhead, health, and age. The solution is called retirement rebalancing. This requires an analysis of the volume, and pricing in the stock market, and finding the buying opportunities. This begins with a calculation of the amount of cash, and low-risk bonds needed to pay for monthly overhead.

When the market is high, liquidating stocks is necessary for retirement rebalancing, so retirement expenses can be covered, and a few extra years of reserve will be available. When it’s a bare market, stocks should not be cashed in at the lower prices, and expenses should be covered with a reserve. If the market is low for several years, expenses should be covered by the dwindling reserve. The retirement rebalance goes back in effect when the market recovers, equities can be cashed in, and the reserve replaced.

When five years of expenses cannot be set aside with the current portfolio, different options are available. The individual can continue to work, save additional funds, invest at a higher return rate, risk having a reserve of only three, or four years, and reduce living expenses.

The Oxford Club is a global, private network of entrepreneurs, and successful investors. They can beat the market with an investment system that is both time-tested, and unique. Their recommendations cover currencies, precious metals, collectibles, real estate, funds, options, bonds, and equities. The members have high levels in their business, and social connections within the Club.

The Oxford Club’s goal is to provide help for over 80,000 members to gain, keep, and protect their wealth. They have accomplished this under all market conditions for more than twenty years. They believe the most profitable options are located outside the mainstream press. Hundreds of opportunities for investments are researched, and chosen for the highest potential for profit, with the lowest risk factor.

Check out The Oxford Club’s Youtube channel for more information on the high road to financial independence.

Siteline Cabinetry Transforms Your Kitchen to Match Your Home Style or Design

Siteline Cabinetry’s recently posted a blog with tips about 7 Kitchen Cabinet Trends To Watch.

1.Personalized Cabinets – Despite these trends, many homeowners are adding cabinet functions, colors, and styles fitting their desires and needs. As time has evolved, companies for cabinet have come up with many styles matching any home style or design.

2. Subtle Design and Clean Lines – These are two other kitchen dominant trends. Cabinet door styles nowadays have become simpler, by using clean lines to make sure that there’s a long-term design flexibility. As the modern style is continuing to gain steam, subtle designs and clean lines make perfect sense to anyone who is looking for an upgrade in their kitchen cabinets.

3. Neutral, White, and Gray – Along with the theme of a clean line, kitchen cabinets that are white remain well-liked, bout gray and other colors that are neutral started to set up shop.

4. High Technology Cabinet Options – Nowadays, the new world we live in is always connected, and designers of the kitchen have taken that seriously. As a result, a lot of homeowners are now adding a technology aspect to their kitchen cabinets like built-in charging stations.

Siteline Cabinetry delivers exactly what people see in their new kitchen, master closet, mud room, master bath, or laundry area. Siteline provides a wide range of finish/color, material, and style choices so that their clients can personalize their new spaces to their preferred taste. They believe that the room belongs to the client, the style is the choice of the client, the client’s choice comes first. Siteline Cabinetry builds beautiful, premium cabinets.

All Siteline Cabinetry cabinets start out as a design idea. They usually begin with a blank slate. Siteline Cabinetry believes that recession taught them a lesson. Or maybe people prefer scratching their fingernails on a blackboard than move. Either way, a housing trend that is emerging is that more folks are choosing to renovate their existing house instead of moving to a new one. They would rather love it instead of listing it.

They understand that people want as little downtime as possible because staying in a remodeling area is hard for the entire family. That is why they deliver their Siteline cabinets much faster than the custom cabinet lead-time.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Career Growth

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a great example of how one person can impact an entire industry. Over the years, he has steadily worked his way up through a variety of banking companies. With his vast experience, he was a great choice at Bradesco to become the CEO. There are many people who love working for him. He treats employees well, and he has a lot of plans to take his company to a new level.

Throughout his banking career, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has made many interesting moves to get to the top. He has always been willing to work harder than other people to reach his career goals.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco grew up in a poor family in Marilia. At the time, few people went to college in Brazil. This was especially true for people who grew up in a poor family. However, he saw that college was his only way out of his current situation. He decided to do whatever it would take to get ahead in life.

He worked many jobs while he was in school to pay for tuition. One of the jobs that he worked was at a bank. Although it was a menial position, he learned a lot about the industry as a whole. The bank offered him a job after he graduated from University of Sao Paolo, and he decided to take it. This was one of the best decisions that he ever made in his life.

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Early Career

In the early part of his career, Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked as hard as possible to make an impact on his company. He was passionate about the mission of the company, and he wanted to move up quickly. There are many people who helped him along the way.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco always worked on building his network. He is a strong believer that a great network can help a person’s career. There were many times when people helped him get a promotion or move to a different company.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco would eventually settle at Bradesco. This is one of the largest banks in Brazil, and it had a lot of great opportunities for workers to advance in their career. Luiz Carlos Trabuco moved up rapidly through the company, and he would finally get an executive position. He knew that this was the place for him to finish his career. A few years ago, he became the CEO of Bradesco.

Future Plans

As the CEO of one of the largest banks in Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has many plans for the years ahead. He wants the company to gain market share from competitors. In addition, Luiz Carlos Trabuco wants Bradesco to make a positive impact on the local community. There are many people who are excited about the work that he is doing in the field.

With all of his hard work, Bradesco is making more money than ever before. Many employees are complimentary of the work that Luiz Carlos Trabuco has done so far.

He received Entrepreneur of the Year and Insurance Personality of the Year for two times.