Who is Whitney Wolfe Exactly?

Whitney Wolfe is by far one of the most inspiring women of our time because of her goals to help improve the way society views women in the world of dating. There are countless apps that really miss the mark with dating apps, but Bumble, Whitney Wolfe’s original creation and idea, definitely hits the home on feminism and providing women with a safe haven. In a world where it’s incredibly tough and stressful to deal with so many different men, Bumble gives women the safe place that they need for themselves to avoid feeling like men are prowling after them. It is only when a woman sends a man a message is he once again allowed to start talking to her. Men are clearly not allowed to send random weird messages as the first thing in the chat.

Whitney Bumble knows first hand dealing with a guy who just didn’t work out right for her, and not to mention being sexually harassed at her first big app developed startup, Tinder. The overnight dating app sensation took over the dating app world in an instant, and Whitney Wolfe had played a huge role on capturing the beauty of what Tinder is known for today. She was treated unfairly by that company and decided to move forward and sue them while also do her work for women and young girls everywhere.

Today, Whitney Wolfe is a successful app developer using Bumble as her platform to teach women what they are capable of and how much they truly deserve. Whitney Wolfe is an inspiring woman that proves her small efforts are definitely paying off. This is the way to make a change and do things differently. Join in the movement and actually find love using Bumble because it’s such a great app for finding someone amazing.

Jason Hope Drives The Future

Jason Hope was the subject of a recent Engadget article. A philanthropist and futurist, Hope is a leader that sees promise in technology and science.

Writing for Engadget, Jesse Boskoff detailed some of the thoughts of Hope on the controversial Internet of Things. Hope believes in the promise of the Internet of Things, seeing potential for social betterment in persistent, ubiquitous connectivity. This foresight is what makes Jason Hope the sort of leader that will push society forward into new territory.

Hope works as a consultant and entrepreneur. He boasts a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in business administration from Arizona State University. Hope is an Arizona native that operates out of the Tempe area. His education and business acumen makes him an invaluable aide to businesses looking to modernize or remain modern in an increasingly digital world.

In addition to his career in business Hope lends his talents and resources in the form of philanthropy. He has pledged over $500,000 to the SENS Foundation to help combat age-related illness and continues to offer grants to individuals and groups that present new and unique ideas about business and technology. Hope’s charitable contributions set him apart from his peers as a man whose kindness and sagacity benefit us all.