All you need to know about Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a financial and administrative operations expert at Newark Economic Development Corporation. He has built his career by being a successful economic strategist.Kevin made his reputation by introducing new company strategies successfully in New Jersey. Through this, he has been able to win his current position as a vice president.

Throughout his career,he has come up with business strategies that have delivered results consistently. He has achieved this by aligning his strategies with the current economic and organization goals and technological initiatives.He has changed the corporate revenue processes that have ended up working for the board, general contractors, and sub-contractors all over the mid-Atlantic.

Kevin’s career is full of accomplishment. They include

Revenue enhancements, which have helped in the forecasting of annual increase by 25% of services and goods offered.Kevin made social capital divisions stable, improved staff retention, enhanced recruitments efforts, collective bargaining, and made management easy. These processes have improved service delivery, improved standardization, and improved company’s performances.

The accomplishment that appeals the mosT

Kevin Seawright has been responsible for over $400M city, federal, private, capital bonds funds for 12years. This is in human resource, executive level finance and capital operational management.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has also been responsible for over 600M in capital construction facilities projects. He has also served in many positions that have been a success.

One of his strengths is that he has a great leader with a reputation of establishing a good rapport with his staff, client’s constituents, managers and other leaders.

Below are some of the fundamentals that have propelled Kevin to success.

  • Remaining a great team player and understanding the strategic planning and goals and managing a great team.
  • Enhancing Proficiency with IT and other related tools to improve reporting capabilities.
  • Promoting reliability, efficiency, operations, accounting, and such similar things.
  • Developing long term strategic plans.

.Approaching issues with honesty and maturity.

  • Maintaining positive relationships with state, city, and other associations


Kevin has received many awards for financial responsiveness while working for municipalities for excellent services, thinking outside the box in hard times and professionalism.

Social media

You can find Kevin Seawright on different social media platforms. He is on Twitter as @KevinSeawright2 where he shares his LinkedIn posts and other relevant posts. He displays the same posts on Facebook.

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Igor Cornelsen Challenges Investors to Consider Brazil

Igor Cornelsen has taken interest in helping people build their portfolios. He has been in the investment world for many years, and he has a wealth of experience that can help anyone that is working towards retirement.

Many people that are trying to invest will keep their eyes locked on stocks, but this cannot be their only source of retirement income reported on People that are looking for the return on investment stocks in stocks only will find himself disappointed at times when the stock market crashes. What Igor Cornelsen has done is put in place is a number of investment tips that allow people to diversify. This is something that an inexperienced investor may not consider, but Igor has been around long enough to analyze the market on

He knows the American market and is familiar with Brazilian markets as well. He believes that one should be an international investor that checks American and Latin American markets on LinkedIn. He knows that the return on investment is better sometimes overseas than it can be in the United States. That is why he puts a lot of time into telling people about what they can expect when they invest in Brazil. He knows this market well because he has worked in this area for decades. He is ready to help anyone that is ready to help themselves. He believes that a certain amount of money should be placed into stuff, but it should be spread out. No one should put all of their money into one thing because things can always change with popular demand.

Igor Cornelsen is well aware that in Brazil has an export industry that is booming. This is why he urges investors to see the common link between Brazil and Japan. This is where many of the Brazilian exports go. When Japan is not investing in the exports there could be problems so he wants investors to be mindful of this.

There are a lot of opportunities to invest at, but many people do not know all the options that are available. It takes someone like Cornelsen that has the experience to advise.

Copa Star Hospital; Their Sophisticated Technology Gets to Rio de Janeiro

The Southern region of Rio experiences a significant level of urbanization since Copa Star Hospital was inaugurated after three years of construction. The hospital synthesizes comfort, luxury and modern day technology. Copa Star leaves people awed at its magnificence. No doubt you will fall in love with their high-end architectural designs. View the design at RafArquitetura.

It is in this hospital where the definition of quality service is made. As it is, you experience a high self-sufficiency level that you can never find in any other health facility. Admitted patients are provided with iPads where they can quickly reach out to nurses or doctors should need to do so arise.

Unique Aspects That Make Copa Star Stand Out

Before setting off for work, staff members had to go through a two-month training where they took various tests and simulations. Of over 550 employees in that hospital, 113 of them are doctors specializing in different fields. On interacting with them, you will realize that their level of uniqueness is matchless. They have been trained on how to handle patients, dress appropriately and even how to do makeup. As it is, they are incredible in every aspect, focusing more on saving human life by all legitimate means.

History and Exceptional Service Provided at D’OR

D’OR is a non-profit making organization that has been in existence for about seven years. They have their headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. They aim at promoting scientific and technological improvement within their vicinity. They invest in highly-erudite services, where seventeen researchers work with fifty students undertaking related projects.

Learning Opportunities Offered by IDOR

Post graduate courses in lato sensu run courtesy of a partnership of IDOR and Rede D’Or São Luiz. Those conducting research co-work with the students on their masters and doctoral programs. The learning activities are always intense around that institution. Again from time to time, they hold seminars and lectures where they invite international figures, enhancing meaningful participation.


The level of professionalism practiced at Copa Star Hospital is amazing. You have not even mentioned about the highly automated beds and rooms that allow interns and nurses quickly put on light and pull curtains off. The hospital is an exact definition of modern-day technology and is expected to become a world’s reference. On entering by the corridors, you will experience great scents, unlike the experience in other hospitals. Again there are all kinds of startling arts, with every room within the hospital possessing an unquestionable quality matching that of a five-star hotel.

Visit their profile page on Facebook.Com.

Doe Deere’s Gut Instinct Led Her to Create a Highly Successful Makeup Company

Even though Lime Crime’s founder Doe Deere was born in Russia, she came to the United States at the age of 17, where she resided in New York City. Living in one of the fashion capitals of the world, Ms. Deere was exposed to the typical makeup looks most beauty companies encouraged women to achieve. As someone who has always loved experimenting with color, Doe Deere became a woman with an objective to change the way women looked and felt about their makeup. The inspiration for her now famous line of cosmetics actually came from a line of fashions Ms. Deere had begun sewing to launch under the Lime Crime label.

As Ms. Deere began using unusual color combinations in the makeup she wore to showcase her fashions, she discovered the majority of beauty companies did not carry shades that were bold and bright. Recognizing a need for a new market she decided to launch a new brand of makeup under the Lime Crime name rather than her line of fashions. Even after years of success, Ms. Deere still tries out every new idea personally. Just as when she created her own makeup looks to model her own fashions, she believes she is the best judge of what concepts best fit with the image of her company and her customers.

Running a Successful Business

Doe Deere takes a positive approach to running her business. This can be seen in the way she treats all of the people she interacts within a typical business day. She firmly believes in showing people respect in order to bring about positive results. She not only extends this courtesy to her employees and managing staff members, but to her vendors and customers as well. She also stays focused on what her customer wants in regards to the products offered by her company. She is extremely proud of the customer service her company has in place to assist people with their questions and concerns. She only regrets not having this support in place when the company first launched.

The positive attitude Doe Deere brings with her to work extends into other areas of her life. As a successful female entrepreneur she is often asked to provide advice to women looking to start their own successful companies. Since she places a lot of emphasis on going with her own gut feeling, she encourages others to listen to their own inner voices to follow what they feel passionate about.

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