Class Dojo’s Continues To Grow And Expand On Their Platform

Class Dojo is a relatively new educational platform with a focus on improving students capability to learn and making the school environment a more positive one. The company and their program was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, two former teachers. They decided to create the app in order to help teachers more effectively instruct their students and maintain communication at all times. The idea is that students who receive more encouragement and communication from their teachers and parents during school, are able to learn more effectively and gain confidence in themselves. Which seems to be doing the trick by the number of great things being said by teachers and parents who are using the app around the world.

Class Dojo works as an app that anyone can download and use at any time from the usual app store, though participation requires an invite from a child’s classroom teacher. Once that is done, a user can set up their profile and begin sharing information and using Class Dojo along with others.

The tool is especially useful for parents, as it allows them to communicate with their child’s teacher at any time of the day with direct communication. They can monitor the progress of their child while they are doing their school work and doing activities in the classroom. Teachers are also capable of setting up the story board and post pictures, videos, notes, and more to save special moments that happen daily in school. This is very helpful for teachers and students because everyone becomes more engaged in schooling, and active involvement from parents makes the experience better for both their children and their teachers.

Millions of people have downloaded and started participating in the Class Dojo program. The company has raised money for the app through fundraising and advanced features on the app that are completely optional. This allows Class Dojo to provide the platform for free to everyone and still keep updating it for the future. The app can also be adjusted for the different grades that it is being used in, to better match the students.

Because of the popularity of the app skyrocketed so quickly, it needed additional funding to keep growing and spread its reach further quicker. Their hope is to keep improving on the platform and spread it across classrooms all over the world to help improve education and the school environment.

FreedomPop Offers Inexpensive Data Alternatives

If you’re in the market for an inexpensive wireless data service, particularly one that you can use on-the-go, then this FreedomPop review is for you. Starting at just $5 a month for 500 MB of data with 4G speeds, this service aims to replace traditional wireless data plans by offering alternative options: data where you want it, when you want it, without the strings that come attached to long-term wireless or home internet plans. Simply put, traditional wireless and internet providers don’t stand a chance once FreedomPop reaches millions of customers who are awaiting instant access to inexpensive data plans.

Among its many options, FreedomPop offers 4G data plans in the form of wireless hotspots that you can take with you. You can choose “Bolt”, a USB thumb drive; “Photon”, a 4G wireless hotspot (similar to a small router, but with no wired connections needed); “Sleeve Rocket” which, as its title implies, slips onto your iPod Touch and turns it into an iPhone; “Hub Burst”, which is an in-home wireless router and 4G modem; and “Overdrive Pro”, a hotspot which offers 3G as well as 4G data. All connect directly to 4G networks, offering 500 MB of data to users for as little as $5 a month.

One incredible aspect of FreedomPop is that, if you encourage friends to connect as “Freedom Friends” through the service, then each friend connected to you offers 10 MB of additional data for free! Imagine the free data you can add up by connecting to your network of Freedom Friends. Essentially, you can turn that 500 MB into 1 GB of data, for free! This inviting aspect of the platform ensures that customers, when they network together, can access data at minimal costs compared to typical providers.

FreedomPop also offers access to 10 million wireless hotspots across the nation, networks to which your devices will automatically connect for the same low monthly price of $5. This is available as an Android and iPhone app, and allows previously disconnected smartphones to gain access to 4G speeds. So, if you have an old iPhone lying around that you’d like to use to make calls and check email for $5 a month, then this service is the answer. Overall, FreedomPop offers plentiful data options for the savings-minded consumer and is worth consideration.

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About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a renowned venture capitalist, entrepreneur and business guru based in Dallas, Texas. Apart from being the head of Timber Creek Capital, Marc maintains many portfolio companies in the US. He has successfully owned and managed a series of ventures. He has an interest in the telecommunication industry. He owns three telecommunication companies that include Cardinal Telecom, Splash Media, and Blue Jay Wireless.

He involves in different philanthropic activities in Dallas. A good example is Samaritan Inn, a program that has been providing shelter to the homeless since the 1980s. Marc is passionate about giving back to the society and finds it incredibly rewarding. As a way of giving back to the community, he has built several homes to shelter the homeless and supports American Can, an education program based in Dallas.

Although he has gained incredible success in business, Sparks believes his success did not come by luck. He sees himself not different from others. Marc has openly outlined how he rose to success to encourage other business persons to take a similar path. In fact, his book “They Can’t Eat You” is an illustration of how he attained business success. He is also passionate about sharing with the less-privileged.

Marc Sparks did not start a single business and became successful. He is a serial entrepreneur owning a multitude of businesses in different industries. Although he seems to be more interested in telecommunication, he holds other types of businesses as well. He is a venture capitalist. He gives startup capital to entrepreneurs who seem to have a promising future. Although being a venture capitalist is highly speculative, Marc has been quite successful with it.

About Spark Tank

Together with Lynne, Marc felt that social service entrepreneurs might create social success if their ideas are funded. As such, they created Spark Tank to reap social benefits within the society by offering grants and overseeing accountability from the nonprofit organizations.

The idea of establishing Spark Tank is to encourage nonprofit organizations with the entrepreneurial spirit to create social success. The program focuses on finding how a given sum of money would benefit the community as a whole.

All participants of Spark Tank must apply online. Each of them will be carefully reviewed to come up with a list of three finalists. After being shortlisted, the finalist must present their ideas to the Spark Tank panel personally on a designated date.

There would be ten minutes of presentation for each finalist, followed by ten more minutes of Q &A. All the applicants must fall under the category of 501c3 organization and have a minimum of two years history. You may apply for animal services, human services, or other arts. However, the program prohibits applications by political action committee, National charities, and faith-based initiatives. Nonetheless, faith-based initiatives for nonreligious purposes may apply for the program.

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Venezuelan Assemblyman José Manuel González Said His Country Is Now Bleeding Cash

The road to riches is sometimes paved with financial skeletons, and when that road deteriorates those skeletons comes back and haunt the people that helped pave the road. That is a good description of what is happening in Venezuela right now. Venezuela has the richest oil reserves in the world, but the country is cash poor, and the people can’t find enough food to feed themselves or their pets. The city of Caracas has turned into one of the most violent cities in the world. Middle-class Venezuelans are turning into thieves in order to feed their families, and thugs are robbing anyone that looks like they might be a meal ticket. The deputy of the National Assembly from the state of Guárico, José Manuel González, recently said that the situation is totally out-of-control in his country, and there is one man to blame for the disaster. That man is President Nicolas Maduro. Maduro succeeded Hugo Chavez in 2013, and the country has been sliding off an economic cliff ever since then.

José Manuel González has been trying to work out a plan to get the domestic food supply started again, but Maduro has fought any policies that could get the agriculture sector of the economy moving again. González is one of the top agriculture businessmen in the country. He is well respected in the banking and business communities, but he has hit a brick wall with Maduro. González had to devise a plan to stop Maduro from destroying his country, so he decided to join the opposition. The opposition is trying to remove Maduro from office using a national petition. But removing Maduro is a difficult task. He has called in the military to control the food supply, and he is using the military to control the ports. He closed Venezuelan borders, but he recently reopened them for a few hours so people could cross the border into Colombia and find food.

The love for Hugo Chavez is wearing off fast in Venezuela, according to González. But more than 24 percent of the population still supports Maduro because of their love for Chavismo. That 24 percent is primarily low-income and left wing Venezuelans that are willing to give him a chance because he was handpicked by Hugo Chavez.